Winners of the Media Competition 2020

29th January

So, we have not seen Crown Princess Mary for quite some time now. You all know why: because at the moment she is living in Switzerland with the rest of the family while all four children are joining a 12 weeks program at Verbier International School. This means we have only seen her and the family once, when they gave an interview about a month ago, here. I am probably not the only one who have been looking forward to this day where she returned to Copenhagen, right? Well, it is just temporarily because the Crown Princess is going back to Verbier again.

Crown Princess Mary is in Denmark to attended the presentation of the winners of the Media Competition for Schools 2020 at Politikens Hus in Copenhagen.

The Media Competition has death as topic - something that is hard for many, both children and adults, to talk about. This is what the competition is all about: getting knowledge about the media industry and use it as a way of opening up for a dialogue about a difficult topic as death and illness are. Children and young people in 6-10th grade have participated the competition. The project is organized by Ekstra Bladet, Jyllands-Posten, Politiken and now the Mary Foundation, Children, Youth and Grief and Stifterne joined the program. Crown Princess Mary attended to present the winners along with the Mary Foundation.

She was in a really splendid mood. All smiles and a happy spirit. Both participating children and other involved in the project, welcomed her with handshakes, flowers and smiley faces. Shortly, after the arrival Crown Princess Mary entered the stage. She gave a speech with personal references from her own life and how she dealt with both death and illness in her own family, when losing her mother in a very young age.

In her speech, she also announced the winning class (7th grade from Frederiksberg School), who received medals and a check of 5,000 Danish kroner. The Mary Foundation shared moments from the big day at Facebook. See the wonderful pictures below.

Kongehuset ● Frederik et MaryInstagramBilled-BladetJyllands-Posten ● UFO No More

I cannot hide that I have been looking forward to this day. The day where she would return (also only just briefly) and attend the presentation of the Media Competition for Schools 2020. I did not know what to expect from her outfit, but it was not this. This is much better.

Mary had chosen a brand new printed blouse. It features some pretty incredible details: the color, print, collar and golden button. I learned that Sarah managed to identify Mary's new blouse as a Roberto Cavalli creation. Lovely, right? How would you style a blouse like this?

Mary matched her new pieces with simple black trousers and a long blazer-like coat. My guess is that she has worn the trousers before, such as the coat. It goes back to when Prince William and Catherine, Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited Denmark in November 2011, here. Since then, Mary has worn this coat on three more occasions. Even though this makes it the fifth time she is wearing it, I still do not know where to find it.

She embraced the chic business look with old earrings from Figaros Bryllup. Maybe you remember that she wore them when visiting Moldova in 2016, here. The two bracelets have been seen before. One is from Cartier and the other one is a golden bangle from Dulong Fine Jewelry. If you look closely you will see a rather large ring on her right hand. To me it looks new. What is not new, it her leather belt from CĂ©line and that quality Quidam clutch.

Blouse ● Roberto Cavalli, here
Earrings ● Figaros Bryllup, here
Bracelet ● Cartier, here
Bracelet ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here
Belt ● Celine, here
Clutch ● Quidam


  1. So happy to see Mary back but sad it's not for long. We have to be patient for these few months but I am sure the children are having a wonderful time in Switzerland and that is good. She looks elegant and stylish as always.

    1. Fortunately, this is not forever. It is only temporarily and then the whole family will be back in Copenhagen again :) Think we all look forward to that day.