Verbier, Switzerland

06 January

A while ago it was announced that all four children – Prince Christian, Princess Isabella, Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine, were to go to school in Verbier Switzerland for 12 weeks at Verbier International School. 

First, Crow Princess Mary was supposed to stay there the whole time with her children and then the news came that Crown Prince Frederick would stay there too. Since we first heard about the trip, not much has been published. Not until it was told that the royal couple and their four children would go for a short interview this Monday – the first day at school for the next 12 weeks.

The interview took place in a landscape covered in snow. The beautiful Verbier. A place the Crown Prince Couple has enjoyed spending much time, both before and after the kids were born. It is clear as day that the family loves Verbier very much and that this will be an experience for all of them.

Prince Christian and Princess Isabella were asked what they looked forward to the most. The answers came quickly: skiing classes. They will also have lessons in both French and English, among other things.

We haven’t really had any real winter in Denmark for quite a few years now. Usually, we get snow and cold noses, but we haven’t seen that in a long time. Nevertheless, I am the type of person that wears woollen coats, knitted hats and gloves despite no real winter. What is real winter to me? – one that includes lots of snow or at least some. The almost nonexciting winter also means that Mary has not been keeping warm in long coats and thick tights. That changed a bit when they arrived to Switzerland.

At the interview, Mary kept warm in her reused grey coat from Moncler – first seen in 2017 when she, her husband and oldest son watched a football match in Copenhagen, here. Maybe you remember that she also wore it at another football event in 2018 along with the Mary Foundation, here? This time she matched it with a white knitted turtleneck sweater and skinny jeans. I like it when she wears jeans, because most of us wear jeans and Mary is not “too royal” to wear them as well. Love that.

Keeping warm the right way may take some time for a girl that are used to summer degrees most of the year. I think she got it right with her brand-new winter boots from Ludwig Reiter. I had never heard about this brand before, so the credit all goes to one of my wonderful readers who recognized them right away. Often, I think boots look clumsy and heavy, but these don’t. They well-balanced in design.

Coat  Moncler, here
Boots  Ludwig Reiter, here


  1. The siblings seem very close, indicative of the family life that they lead, very refreshing. I'm glad their parents are going to be there for them. It is going to be a wonderful experience. Love the wool blend coat, very serviceable and warm. Thank you for a very interesting article. I was fascinated about the description of the weather, especially in Denmark, I always assumed the winters were always very bleak, cold and snow. I am craving a good winter right now. Here in Australia we are being battered by catastrophic bushfires, high temperatures and drought. Our last winter was the mildest on record. I too love all things winter in clothing, I am not a fan of summer in the slightest, probably because are summers are hot, dry and long. Praying and hoping for rain right now.

    1. You have the most sincere wishes and hopes for at more stabil and less destructive upcoming weather. We hear a lot about here in Denmark and you are in the minds of many people. Our "weather problem" with missing snow is nothing compared to what you are combatting. We all hope thing will get better son.

    2. Thank you for your kind words. Hoping rain comes soon.

  2. Always nice to see the CP Family. Now for three monts in the snow. What a dream.