The New Year banquet

01 January

A new year has arrived and that has to be celebrated with everything it takes to welcome a new year. It is a tradition for the Queen to host a prestigious banquet at Amalienborg on January 1st. Nothing had changed this year. 

Representatives from the official part of Denmark were invited, as well as the Danish Government, the Chairman of Folketinget and people working for the royal family. The guests arriving were also captured on photo, hereThis is her way of saying: "Thank you for what you have done for Denmark the past year and thank you for what will come". And what a lovely tradition to have.

Members of the royal family were, of course, also invited to participate the finest dinner of them all. First Princess Benedikte arrived wearing a stunning purple velvet gown. To me it seems like she was in a splendid mood. Prince Joachim and Princess Marie followed her and arrived just a few minutes later. Princess Marie looked gorgeous in her reused midnight blue gown and loose hairstyle. Then Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary arrived, followed by Queen Margrethe in her brand-new fitted gown.

I have really looked forward to seeing what Mary would wear this year - well, I do each year. The excitement is almost too much to handle. Cannot say that I was disappointed but what Mary had chosen to wear at this year's banquet, but I had hoped for something a little different than what she showed us. It reminded me quite a lot about the outfit she wore back in 2012 at the very same event, here. Maybe just another hairdo and everything would have been absolutely great. You do not hear my complain, because she looked beautiful (as always).

The gown was first worn in 2007 when she was pregnant with Princess Isabella, here, and it is created by tailor, Birgit Hallstein, here. The same woman who made her wedding gown. Since 2007, the gown has been altered a few times. The sleeves, neckline and waist have been altered to what we see today. What many forget, is that she wore the exact same dress at a few other occasions as well. For instance in 2007 when celebrating Prince Harald's 70th birthday, here, and when she posed for Mario Testino in 2015/2016, here.

This year Mary had chosen, once again, to wear the outstanding ruby parure from Queen Ingrid - Crown Prince Frederik's grandmother. Mary added a ring to match both tiara, necklace, brooch, earrings and bracelet quit some years ago. A couple of hairpins have also been made out of leaves from the tiara, which Mary brilliantly wore at the New Year banquet. She embraced the style by wearing her burgundy patent leather clutch from Sergio Rossi.

What is interesting is her shoes. I do not think we have seen these burgundy pumps before. They look velvet and are velvet. A close-up showed that. It also showed that her new pumps are from Valentino. Heaven managed to identify Mary's gorgeous new pumps. Can't wait to see them again. Last but not least, what do you think about Mary's first evening outfit in 2020?

Gown ● Birgit Hallstein
Jewellery ● The Ruby Parure from Queen Ingrid
Clutch ● Sergio Rossi, here
Shoes ● Valentino, here


  1. Even though CP Mary has worn this gown on numerous occasions, I still love seeing her wear it, and she does this beautifully. The accessories, shoes and clutch were the perfect choice, gorgeous pieces. Ruby parure is a marvellous set, as well as the hair pins I love that added bonus, beauty of them in her hair, all offset by the burgundy gown, superb. What I loved the most on this occasion was the brooch added to her waist as a belt buckle, utterly fabulous! Princess Benedikte did offer some stiff competition! Her magnificent velvet gown, beautiful colour, hugging her in all the right places accompanied with beautiful pearls necklace, earrings and tiara. She looked sensational with a smile to match. Both Princesses looked so elegant and regal. All class.

    1. So do I. This burgundy gown is also one of my favourites because it makes her look so comfortable. Looks like it is almost making her smile :) Matched with both hairstyle, tiara, clutch and everything, she is a royal star at these events.

  2. This is one of my favorite gowns in Mary's closet--and she looks stunning every time she wears it. I love how she mixes up the Ruby Parure pieces and adding the brooch to be like a belt buckle is genius. I also love that she wears the hair pins she had created when she altered the design of the tiara to better fit her. This choice is total treat for me!

    1. Since she started wearing the ruby parure, when she was only just engaged to her husband, she has loved to wear this ruby brooch in many different ways. Both as belt buckle, brooch and when she wore it as "necklace" at the New Year banquet in 2014. I also love when Crown Princess Mary is playful with her jewellery.