Christmas visit at Kræftværket

18 December

For the fourth time, the Crown Princess visited Kræftværket at Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen. Her visit was all private and unofficial. She first payed a visit to Kræftværket in 2016, here and since then it has become, more or less, an annual thing for her to do.

Kræftværket at Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen works as a meeting place for young people being treated for cancer. It gives the young patients a room of time away from their illness and a place of gathering. Kræftværket has been working with this agenda since 2015.

This year the visit took place in the evening of December 18th. She was warmly welcomed by lots of young people at Kræftværket, who gladly shared their stories and talk about how much the project has meant for them in their lives. As always, Crown Princess listened with great patience and sincerity. She took all the time needed. There was laughter, joy and also time for a more serious talk. Her visit had been announced anywhere. Therefor it was a more quieter without numerous journalists and photographers. The Crown Princess and the young people had an evening all to themselves. 

The last three years Mary has been wearing the most casual and relaxing outfits when visiting Kræftværket someday end of December. It is a great source of inspiration to me. Sometimes we need some more everyday outfit-inspirations from her. That is what we get at these more private and unofficial visit. Last year's outfit, a grey look, inspired me quite a lot, here.

I think the same thing will happen this year. Mary had chosen a lovely reused purple blouse featuring long sleeves and a simple round neckline. To me it looks like she was wearing the same blouse as when celebrating 200 year with schools in Denmark in 2014, here. I have never been able to identify where it is from, but nevertheless it is easy to find a similar one if you like to. She matched her reused purple blouse with previously worn tartan trousers. Nor identified. Mary wore these trousers in the Christmas video published only a few weeks ago, here.

Her hair was in a simple higher bun. I always loved when she keeps her hair like this. Makes her look more attentive in some way. We get to see her face. As jewellery I see her old diamond studs and a matching diamond ring. Casual, yet expensive.

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  1. What a wonderful visit. Great to see CP Mary,supporting these young people afflicted and lending her support, so many young faces, this disease does not discriminate. So very uplifting for them and to the staff. These are the sorts of visits that I think should be newsworthy. Shining light on something, hard hitting and important, especially at this time of year. CP Mary is an inspiration. She looked appropriately dressed for the occasion and blended in well, which obviously was the plan. Well done.