Christmas reception with the Mary Foundation

05 December

You never want to miss keeping up with a good tradition, right? Quiet some years ago the Crown Princess and her foundation established such a tradition. This is who all collaborators of the Mary Foundation are invited to a Christmas reception at Frederik VIIIs palace at Amalienborg during December.

With these collaborators the Mary Foundation functions, and my guess is that this annual Christmas reception is her way of saying: "Thanks for yet another year with great results. We hope for one more year collaborating with you for what we believe in: giving a voice to those who need it".

Crown Princess Mary warmly welcomed everyone at the arrival. A few of those invited for the reception were - Chairman of the Save the Children Lars Svenning Andersen and the Secretary General of the Save the Children Johanne Schmidt Nielsen. Also, CEO of Børns Vilkår Rasmus Kjeldahl and Poul Madsen from PwC were invited.

The famous gløgg and æbleskiver were served that, for sure, got everyone in the right Christmas mood. The Crown Princess was differently in the right spirit. She was one big smile happy eyes and accommodating to everyone standing in from of her, here.

Celebrating another year with impressive results for the Mary Foundation and celebrating Christmas Mary was beautifully dressed in red and black. She was not able to hide in the crowd because of the bright red Hugo Boss blouse. It features the most incredible details despite its simple design. Especially the neckline and pleated front are my favourite parts of this blouse. Mary has the same blouse in other colours too. Among others blue, pale pink and white.

She matched her lovely red blouse with what looks like a brand-new skirt to me. A black one featuring some kind of embellishment at front. So far, I have not identified where it is from, but the style reminds be a lot of something Prada would do. Any other ideas? At the same time, tell me what you think of her outfit. Do you like it as much as I do?

Unfortunately, none of the pictures shows her shoes. My guess - she is wearing a pair of black pointed pumps. Either patent or suede pumps. That would look good to the rest of her outfit. As jewellery Mary dazzled in diamonds. Both earrings and rings are from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen. Noticed that little butterfly brooch on her chest? It is shaped as the Mary Foundation's logo - a butterfly now covered in diamonds. I still wonder who made this for her, because originally the logo comes in green and is not covered in diamonds. Maybe a gift from a skilled goldsmith or maybe one of their collaborators? This is not the first time she wears it.

Blouse ● Hugo Boss, here
Earrings  Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, here
Rings ● Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, here

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