New year concert with the Home Guard

Tuesday, January 9th

The Crown Princess arrived in a splendid mood for a new year concert at Copenhagen City Hall on Tuesday. For ten years the Danish Home Guard has hosted this new year event. When arrived the Crown Princess was welcomed by Colonel Lennie Fredskov. She was also handed over a bouquet of flowers. Later, the flower girl told a journalist how much fun it was to meet the future queen. After a quick pose for the photographers, she entered a beautifully decorated room where the concert was about to take place. More than 500 Home Guard members also attended the concert. All of them were dressed to perfection in each their uniform. The Crown Princess herself is also member of the Danish voluntary military organisation.

I had no idea what to expect from her outfit at this event. Somehow I thought we would see trousers. I was wrong. Mary showed up wearing a beautiful, floral printed Julie Fagerholt Heartmade dress. We have seen the dress once before on September 1st, when she visited BørneTelefonen, here. So, now we have both seen it with and without a coat. At the concert she dazzled wearing her Prada coat. Mary embraced the evening look with a golden Orit Elhanati necklace, coral pendant earrings from Dulong Fine Jewelry and diamond rings from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen. I have been a little trouble with her pumps. Took my many different angles to finally realize that they in fact are from SAND Copenhagen -and not Gianvito Rossi as I first thought. Everything is completely different when we talk about the clutch. No doubt its identity. It is Bottega Veneta. Keeping everything classy with a simple hairstyle and natural makeup, Mary stunned like a star in the night.

Dress // Julie Fagerholt Heartmade Helon Floral Print Dress
Necklace // Orit Elhanati  The Abyss Necklace
Earrings // Dulong Fine Jewelry Lotus
Rings // Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Love Bands Ring
Clutch // Bottega Veneta Intrec Knot Clutch
Shoes // SAND Copenhagen


  1. Henriette:

    I just love that Prada coat of the Crown Princess. It is so versatile and she uses it quite a bit: it is no wonder!! I do have a coat which is the same color and style and I use mind quite a bit during the winter, and this happens every year. I was thinking that her white coat which is of the same style and cut could also work with that dress??.

    Her dress is of the Victorian style now getting really popular in fashion. I have been a lover of the "Victorian Era" in terms of history and fiction books set in that period, so it follows that I would love the fashion from that period which is now so popular: the dresses and blouses with the high-neck, ribbon detail and long sleeves with tiny pleats as trim--what's not to love?.

    Best regards,


    1. The Prada coat is splendid for almost every occasions. I also believe the Crown Princess has worn it at any possible occasions. The black one goes great all year; at every season and the white one is a bit more suitable during spring and summer -which is just around the corner.

      It is never to tell what the Crown Princess will wear next time we see her. But one thing is for sure -we are differently going to see her in both the coat and dress again.

  2. I don 't know why I forgot about this dress.I am glad that Mary remind me :)

    1. I also forgot all about this dress, till I came across a close-up. A beautiful reuse.

  3. Do you know anything about the solitaire Mary wares on her right hand with the love bands? I've seen a lot of people call it a diamond but in pictures I've seen it seemed to have a pink undertone, more like morganite. I also love that the setting is putting a round peg in a square hole so to speak with the halo.

    1. Thanks for reaching out to me with your question. The diamond ring is not yet found. I have an idea where it could be from, but by request it has not been confirmed. So, unfortunately I am not able to tell where it is from. In the beginning the Crown Princess wore it without the other two Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen ring's as mostly seen today. Maybe you could send me an email and I will be able to share a few pictures with you?