Inauguration of 'Liljeborg'

Friday, January 12th

For years the Crown Princess has been patron for the Christmas Seal Homes, here, in Denmark. It was also as patron she attended the inauguration of a new Christmas Seal Home called 'Liljeborg' in Roskilde. A very poetic name that includes including the name of a flower -a lily. The Crown Princess has visited Christmas Seal Homes all over the country since she became patron. Now it was time for her to inaugurate a new one. Hopefully a place where many children in the future will learn how to enjoy life much more. During the visit she participated several activities with the children, who seemed to have much fun with the future queen. Eye to eye with the kids, the Crown Princess a couple of hours in Roskilde.

At the inauguration Mary was dressed in a chic pair of black trousers and a brand new printed blouse. I have tried almost everything to identify her new blouse that features long sleeves, ruffles at back and a turtleneck. I would really like to have been the one finding her blouse, but I did not. Sweet Amanda shared with me a blouse featuring a similar print. With her help I was able to find the model Mary was wearing. Enough about all the talking. Mary's new printed blouse is from Jesper Høvring (Collection: H by Jesper Høvring, here). Amazing how this identification could take so long. When arriving Mary stayed warm in her wool coat from JOSEPH. She embraced the style by wearing several accessories as well. First one to mention is the black ankle boots. They have been identified by Heaven as Hugo Boss. We first saw them on November 25th, here. The diamond rings from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen and the Louise Grønlykke earrings are both reused details. I would absolutely have loved to see just one splash of colour. Maybe red nails, a colourful clutch or a shiny coloured brooch. Then I would give her outfit 10 out of 10.

Coat // JOSEPH Double Cashmere Oslo Coat
Blouse // Jesper Høvring Cara Shirt
Earrings // Louise Grønlykke Marrakech Earrings
Rings // Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Love Bands Ring
Shoes // Hugo Boss Ellen

Ideas for identification
Blouse // Hugo Boss Regular-Fit Blouse with All-Over Print


  1. Hi Henriette:

    Today, I was browsing on another blog and came across the crown princess wearing the Moonstone Tiara with matching earrings and broach and it occurred to me that we have not seen her wear them in quite sometime. The crown princess seem to have a long relationship with Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen as she wears a number of pieces of jewelry created by Ole including the tiara mentioned above. I wonder if you have any knowledge of the tiara and corresponding pieces as we have not seen them in a quite a while. Do you know if they were on loan to the crown princess or is it that she has chosen not to wear them for the time being?

    Thank you for all you do.



    PS: I am really enjoying your boards on Pinterest! So many interesting angles with which to view the style of the crown princess which truly adds inspiration!

    1. Thanks for the questions RW. Hopefully I will be able to answer them.

      In 2009 Charlotte Lynggaard opened a jewellery exhibition at Amalienborg Palace, where the Midnight Tiara was also introduced to the world. The Crown Princess got overwhelmed by the piece. From what I have been able to find out, she does not own it but has exclusive use of it and wears it at less formal event. So, yes it is a kind of loan. About the other pieces when I believe it is a loan too, because we haven't really seen her wearing the pieces more than twice -in 2009 and 2010.

      Thanks for letting me know you enjoy the boards on Pinterest. Please, share your ideas for new boards if you have some. I try to update them regularly and add new on a weekly basis.

  2. Henriette:

    Thank you so much for the information. All the pieces in that suite are lovely; I especially like the tiara and the earrings which by themselves are a statement. I hope we get to see them this year.

    About ideas for boards on Pinterest: I would love to see one on "gloves". An accessory which I love and can only admire as the occasion to wear them are so few and far between. I think, gloves are the kind of accessory that "completes" or pulls an ensemble together.

    Once again thanks for all you do!

    Kind regards,


    1. You are very welcome. I hope my answer was useful. Someday I would also love to see her wear both tiara, brooch and earrings again. Suits almost any of her evening gowns.

      I am happy to tell you that I have just added a new board named 'gloves'. Next couple of days I will be adding more pictures. What I love about fashion, is all the little details. When I think about it, I wonder why I forgot about the gloves... Hope you will enjoy the new boards as much as I do!

    2. Henriette:

      This is good to know. I will have to pop over to Pinterest and have a look.

      Make it a great day!