New Year's banquet

Monday, January 1st

We have now welcomed a new year with friends and family. On January 1st it was time for the Danish royal family to celebrated the beginning of a new year with a banquet. The biggest and finest celebration of them all. Three dinners take place during the first week of January. The New Year banquet took place at Amalienborg palace in Copenhagen, at 7:30 pm. local time. Representatives from the Danish Parliament and members of business in Denmark were invited to attend the banquet. All arrived before the royal family, beautifully dressed in gala dresses and uniforms. Shortly before 7:30 Prince Joachim and Princess Marie arrived, followed by the Crown Prince couple and last the Queen -who attended the banquet on her own for the first time. They all seemed to look forward to a prestigious evening. Pictures have been shared of the beautifully decorated room where the dinner was taking place, here. With such location, any evening would be splendid.

For an evening like this, my eye are on the royal women's dresses. Can't help myself. I'm all excited. Same thing every year. I'm glued to the television not to miss a single detail. As always, all three women were magnificent in each their personal gown. Princess Marie impressed the world in an ivory, embellished gown. I have been told her dress is a reuse. The same goes with Queen Margrethe's dark green, lace gown and emerald green parure. And then Crown Prince Frederik and his wife Crown Princess Mary arrived. She stepped out of the car wearing a brand new, bright red evening gown. For once in my life I was right to way she would wear a new dress. I'm always wrong. Not this time. Mary really dazzled like a Hollywood star wearing a custom-made gown by Søren Le Schmidt. It has been confirmed. Her new dress features the most incredible, yet minimalistic, details. Just take a look at the neckline. I'm truly amazed by its almost sculptured shape. Can I hear you first thoughts? She had chosen to wear the ruby parure, a silver clutch from J. Furmani and red satin pumps. Personally, I am pretty sure she was wearing new pumps from Gianvito Rossi. But it could also be a reused pair from Rupert Sanderson. Let me now what you think.

Gown // Søren Le Schmidt
Jewellery // The Ruby Parure
Bracelet // Cartier Love Bracelet
Clutch // J. Furmani Stone Flap Clutch

Possible identification
Pumps // Gianvito Rossi 105 Satin Pumps
Pumps // Rupert Sanderson Pinka Embellished-Pebble Satin Pumps


  1. Henriette:

    Lovely red satin gown--very regal. I am curious: Is this the first time wearing this designer for the Crown Princess?



    1. I have come to love her new red gown very much. The Crown Princess stunned like a true princess. What I know of, it is the first time she's wearing one of his designs. Hopefully it'll not be the last time.

  2. Don’t think she wore her Rupert Sanderson pumps but Gianvito ROssi is a good guess!

    Happy new year Henriette!

    1. Thanks for letting me know what you think. To me it also looks way more as Gianvito Rossi than Rupert Sanderson, because her pumps are not embellished.

  3. Incredible red.Gown was only perfect background for jewels.

    1. The Crown Princess looked amazing in her new red gown. She beautifully embraced the style by wearing her ruby jewellery. A perfect match.