"Kærlig Talt" Conference

Tuesday, November 8th

Crown Princess Mary attended the "Kærlig Talt" conference organized by the Mary Foundation taking place at GAME Copenhagen, Copenhagen.

It was in a splendid mood the Crown Princess arrived to GAME Copenhagen to attend the Kærlig Talt conference trying to strengthen healthy relationships and respectful communications among the older pupils The conference is on the initiative of the Mary Foundation as part of their projects to prevent dating violence which Kærlig Talt is all about. As a perfect start Mary gave a speech, here, specially on emotions and how we sometimes need to keep them under control. Very impressive speech I strongly recommend you to read. It was a day filled with reflection, dialogue and a day were both experiences and thoughts were shared. Exercises, dialogue, bodily expression and musical indulgence was the message passed on about how important communication is.

As the participants of the conference were indulged with music features and much more, we were totally spoiled when it comes to her outfit! A new a fresh fall outfit. I'm totally in love with everything I see -the blouse, skirt, hair everything looks magnificent! It was a Royals & Fashion I learned about her new white lace blouse and burdungy suede skirt which are respectively from Aiayu and JOSEPH. What surprised me most is differently that new skirt, a bit unusual but soooo stylish. Very refreshing to see her wear something never really seen before. The blouse features the most beautiful buttoned back, long sleeves and turtle neck. It's made of 70 % wool which makes it more than perfect for the Danish weather. What first comes to my mind about this specific outfit, is that it looks so harmonious. I am more than impressed. Matching the tights and black SAND Copenhagen pumps Mary wore a Prada coat at the arrival. It was accessorized with amazing earrings from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen and a stunning ring I still do not know where is from. Another thing I noticed was her makeup -fresh and good looking. Incredibly beautiful. 

Coat: Prada
Blouse: Aiayu Anke
Skirt: JOSEPH Suede Otis Skirt
Earrings: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen White Moonstone Lotus Drop Earrings
Shoes: SAND Copenhagen

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