The Mothers Help's house

Friday, November 18th

Crown Princess Mary attended as patron the official opening of the Mothers Help's house in Copenhagen. 

It was a very special day for the Mothers Help when their patron, Crown Princess Mary, was invited to the official opening of the new Mothers Help's house at Vesterbro in Copenhagen. At the arrival she was in a great mood. I think it's a day Mary had been looking forward to with great excitement because the Mothers Help work with an area as she struggles greatly to improve; women, children and girls. The Mothers Help is an social humanitarian organization that work to support and advise both families, pregnant women and single mothers. Mary has been patron for the organization since 2007 and still is. Mary gave a rather short speech right before she cut the red ribbon with a traditional golden scissor and the new house was officially opened. The opening ceremony was followed by a guided tour where she also met some of the professionals working at the place. A huge and loud congratulations from me to the Mothers Help on behalf of their new facility. 

You can tell that Mary was doing everything to keep warm and stay good-looking when she, as guest of honor, attended the opening of the new Mothers Help's house in Vesterbro, Copenhagen. What she did was match a turtleneck (which I strongly believe is from Heartmade), trousers and a reused Heartmade cape featuring silver embellishment at front; all in black. Heartmade is also the designer of her new ankle boots she was wearing to make her outfit a bit more edgy. I have seen others bloggers mentioning several other models, but I am pretty sure these are new. Take a look here and make up your mind, maybe I'm able to convince you. Especially notice the decorated low heel. What I know of this is her third pair of black boots decorated with studs and I quite like the style of each and every one of them, though I don't think Mary really manage to wear them... properly. I would love to see them and not hidden underneath trouser legs. What do you think? Am I completely wrong.
  So lovely that she was wearing both red nail polish and berry red lipgloss! Makes everything look even more dazzling. Shining as her eyes was the new diamond earrings which I believe could be from Hartmann's without knowing it for sure. The style reminds me a lot of another pair of her Hartmann's earrings. I also noticed a diamond ring in the center of two other rings from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen. A combination we have seen a million times before that never become outdated. Makeup, hair and accessories are what makes me adore this look.

Cape: Heartmade Black Embroidered Cape
Blouse: Heartmade Kleo Knit
Rings: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Love Band Ring
Shoes: Heartmade Annie Boots

It could be from...
Earrings: Hartmann's

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