The Wedding Anniversary Celebration!

One of these big days is necessary to celebrate, so of course we do. Isn't it unbelievable that 12,5 year has already gone from the day Crown Prince Frederik, future King of Denmark, married the 32 year old Mary Elizabeth Donaldson from Australia? No need to elaborate the story all over again; first you all know it and have heard it a million time and secondly I am pretty sure royalists as you will get to hear the story once again somewhere else because this is really a day so many people have been looking forward to celebrate. Newspapers and magazines have already talked about their wedding anniversary the last month or so here in Denmark. Yesterday one show after another were broadcasted on Danish television such as today on DR1 with The Crown Prince wedding - 24 hours we never forget. No doubt that the Danes have been looking forward to this day with great excitement (so have I!). The royal family also shared a gallery on this very special day, here, including two new photos.

  Unfortunately I do not remember the day they got married in Vor Frue church back in 2004. It was around a year and a half after I for real became interested in the royal family and especially the new Crown Princess coming all the way from the other side of the globe. I'm still now quite sure why Mary won my heart, but she did just like everybody else. Since then I have been truly fascinated by her; such as her commitment, honestly and of course (not to forget) her incredible sense of style. And my admiration hasn't faded, not even a bit since then. A couple of weeks or so, I asked you to share your brilliant ideas with me on how to celebrate the royal couple. Not that many ideas were given -which is absolutely fin, and then I came of with something I thought would be a little fun for you. For this, very special, occasion I have created a little wordsearch puzzle with sixteen words that more or less covers their years together as a couple. So, how many of them are you actually able find? I know this is a very modest way to celebrate them on their anniversary, but I hope you find it amusing anyway. Once and for all -Happy wedding anniversary to Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary!

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