Nordic Council Award 2016

Monday, November 1st

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary were present at the Nordic Council Award in DR Concert Hall on occasion of Nordic Council Session taking place in Copenhagen from November 1-3rd. 

It was as guests of honor the Crown Prince couple attended the Nordic Council Award which took place in DR Concert Hall. I was very surprised when I found out that the couple would attend the award because there is always a special atmosphere at such as awards, especially when Frederik and Mary are present too as they were on Monday. Everybodys eyes were on the royal coulpe when they arrived and entered the blue carpet (not red as usual). And really it is just wonderful to see them spend some time together at an event. Despite Frederik's little accident couple of weeks ago, he was one big smile and seemed to enjoy the evning along with his wife. Usually when they attend an award show like this they enter the stage at least once to present a prize, but with a little help from one of you I learned that the couple only attended as any other invited gues. I have also been made aware that they attended a following reception.

On occasion of a new book called Kongeskibet Dannebrog a few new pictures appeared on the royal family's Facebook page, here.

One thing you learn when you a bit behind writing posts, is what other bloggers and royalists have on mind about Mary's outfits. And this one really created a debate. Some simply can't get enought of her look and others dislike everything about it. What I found out is that many of you do not like her trousers in a combination with that new black lace blouse. Am I right? Not sure I would have paired the two of them together, but actually I fancy the two very different fabrics next to each other. I still do not know where the trousers are from, but the stunning blouse has been identified by Kate as PLEIN SUD.

Mary styled the black evening outfit with Gianvito Rossi pumps, a black box clutch and a pair of Dulong Fine Jewelry earrings featuring a coral drop pendant -which by the way is removable. The same pair of earrings we saw just a couple of days ago, here, featuring a diamond drop pendant. One set of earrings, so many options. Beautifully the eye makeup gives all attention to her eyes. And of course notice her hairstyle. Think we have seen so many splendid hairstyles lately. Can't get enough of them. Some kind of updo always makes an outfit look complete. Funy thing I noticed was that Frederik actually look kinda casual next to Mary at the award show. But as usual they make a great couple!

Blouse: PLEIN SUD Basque Dentelle Noir Top
Earrings: Dulong Fine Jewelry Lotus

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