Hunting season at Fredensborg Castle

Tuesday, November 22nd

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary visited Fredensborg castle along with Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine on occasion of the conducted hunt in Gribskov.


Time is running so fast and much has happened for both me and Mary the last week. Now I will try to catch up with everything next couple of days. First we have an unofficial visit to catch up with because on November 22nd the Crown Prince couple enjoyed a day at Fredensborg Castle accompanied by the Queen. With them they had Prince Vincent and his sister Princess Josephine. Think probably the reason why their two older siblings weren't there, is because of school the following day. I am in no doubt they all enjoy the evening together despite the cold. Especially Queen Margrethe seemed to have a wonderful time along with her oldest son and, part of, his family. Think we can call it a tradition for them to gather once a year. It is something they have been doing for many year now and I think Frederik and Mary have attended almost every year.

To keep warm on a cold November evening in Denmark the whole royal family and participants were all dressed in cosy jackets and wearing hats. The Crown Princess was no exception. Do not know if you remember having seen this specific outfit before, but actually we have seen it at a previous occasion in 2014. At that time it was December 26th and the family were invited to Tivoli in Copenhagen by Queen Margrethe to see the Christmas ballet The Nutcracker which the Queen had designed costumes for, here. I have been crazy in love with this look since the first time and I do not love it less now. The whole combination of colours and materials are incredibly fashionable! What she did was quite simple; matched a Alice by Temperley turtleneck sweater with a Zara poncho, tight black leather trousers (yes, what you just read is absolutely correct -leather trousers) and a pair of suede brown heeled boots. Unfortunately, I still do not know where the boots are from. Maybe you got a clue? If so, I would love to hear from you. With a beanie and beige leather gloves featuring fur, I have to call this the ultimate fall outfit!

Sweater: Alice by Temperley Honeycomb Turtleneck Tunic
Poncho: Zara Wool-Blend Poncho

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