Did I Just Forget a Very Important Birthday?

Last night in my bed a thought suddenly struck me; haven't I completely forgotten to celebrate Style of Mary's sixth birthday? Yes I have! On September 27th the blog turned 6 years and I forgot all about it. What a mess. It's something I really look forward to each year and then I forget about it. Then I found out that my phone has, some how, deleted the event. Probably also because I just started my study and I had a million other things in mind. But it's so crazy and surreal that I have had this blog for six year now. Time is running so fast when you have lots of fun. Six years. When I think about all the thing I have experienced, learned, new friends I have made etc. in six years it feels like almost unmanageable long time. Oh it's just so wonderful! It has been a great pleasure to spend all these years in your company and I hope for many more in the future. Not even in my wildest imagination would I have predicted anything like this. I'm grateful and honored. Thanks to all of you who make my life as royal blogger so special!!

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