Startupbootcamp Mobility Investor Day

November, 28th
Photo @Agnés Colbert
Crown Princess Mary attended the opening of the Startupbootcamp Mobility Investor Day at Copenhagen city hall.

What is Startupbootcamp Mobility Investor Day?
The ambition was clear in 2010 when the first Startupbootcamp program was held -to help startups in Europe to make an alternative to the big programs in the US. Now three years later the third program is based in Copenhagen of small accelerator tapping into the region's strengths in mobile technologies and solutions but now as Europe's largest accelerator. This year more than 40 countries were gathered to ten startups. On November 28th the remaining nine companies were ready to show 150 investors their company and take it to the next level. Read more here

Half past twelve Mary arrived by car to Copenhagen City hall to attend the opening of the Startupbootcamp Mobility Investor Day were 150 investors were gathered to bring nine companies till the next level. This day is the opportunity for these nine future companies. The royal guest was welcomed on the red carpet, then she was ready to meet the nine CEOs before the pitching started. The city hall were packed with all the investors who were ready to meet and hear much more about the exciting projects developed by the nine companies which was ready to show the outcome of a 3-month work the nine startups had gone through. They had been working really hard to get here today; lots of different workshops, mentoring and most of all long working hours. It takes everything to get so far. The city hall was beautifully decorated to welcome Mary and the 150 investors. The Managing Director of Startupbootcamp Mobility, Lars Buch, opened the day with the words: "Our job is to find the right fish in the sea, and I believe we have succeeded." The nine projects fighting to get each their investors are: Projektor35 - Kiggit (the only Danish group) - Pergunter - EasySize - Passnfly - Wallept - Stopandgo - Funifi - Dealcircle. Working with anything and everything from launching new data browsers to a new affiliate function. 

Lovely as always, Mary was dressed in different shades of blue at the opening of the Startupbootcamp Mobility Investor Day. Because of the black pencil skirt, the blue piece of clothes almost 'popped' out especially the printed L.K. Bennett peplum. I want to thanks Debbie because she told me where to find this edgy new peplum. Matching a peplum blouse and a pencil skirt makes a great outfit every time. I would say that this combination would suit everybody, regardless of size, height, age or style. Peplums have been quite popular the last few years and I think we will see them as much in 2014. A timeless shape will always be popular. Before we even got the change to see what she wore, she arrived wearing a nice blue coat from Prada featuring the characteristic large buttons and relatively large pockets and collar. Coats must be a princesses' best friend and when you do like Mary, often wear colourful coats, your coat become a part of the whole outfit. Fashionistas have a little rule I think I will share with all of you because it will help you finding the right outfit and I can use Mary as an example. It's called the 3-piece rule. As the names says, you find the perfect balance between clothes and accessories when to choose your outfit. With others words, focus on three items for instance: skirt, blouse and coat like Mary did. Without the coat it would be: skirt, blouse and earrings. Since I started using this 'rule' in practice, it is much easier for me to put together an outfit. Back to Mary's opening look. The natural makeup and hairstyle gave all the attention to the clothes.  She accessorized her look with a black patent belt from Celiné and what I believe is her Cartier watch featuring small diamonds and a black strap. I would so much like to wear a watch more often but I have a hard time matching it with my style and personality. She matched the SAND Copenhagen pumps with the expensive Carlend Copenhagen clutch made of crocodile. Not to forget the beautiful earrings designed by Marianne Dulong with the blue pendant in the exact same colour as the coat. I love when two or more pieces have the same colour, so this made me really happy to see. Dulong created these earrings to be worn with several different pendants. Clever!

Photo @Agnés Colbert
Coat: Prada
Blouse: L.K. Bennett Leticia Floral Optic Print Top $97.50 (on sale)
Earrings: Marianne Dulong Lotus 
Clutch: Carlend Copenhagen Vanessa DKK 8,500
Belt: Céline Embossed Skinny Belt
Watch: Cartier
Shoes: SAND Copenhagen

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