A Day in Herning

December, 12th

Crown Princess Mary visited the Lind Care and Activity Center in Herning at 2:15 pm. As the patron of the Danish Swimming Federation Crown Princess Mary at 3:40 pm. attended the Short Course Championships in swimming in the Jyske Bank Boxen.

Crown Princess Mary visiting the Lind Care and Activity Center

For one day has Mary traveled to Herning in Jutland and around noon she arrived to the Lind Care and Activity Center who are using welfare technology in the care of the older residents living at the care center. In a black crown car she arrived and was welcomed by Mayor Lars Krarup, Tonni Svensson who lives at the care center and area manager Hedvig Toftegaard. There were great cheers from those in attendance, kids waving with the red and white Danish flag and people with cameras. Like Mary all the attendance were very happy and in a fantastic mood. The most amazing thing was to see the older residents faces when the royal guest of honor arrival, they were so thrilled to see Mary and those who met her shone across the face. During her visit she was treated with cake and coffee along with the 125 residents, staff and other guests. There is just something unique and warm about elderly. I have always loved being with them, they have so many good stories to tell  and regardless of age we can learn from them. It makes me maudlin to see how the elderly are treated well at the Lind Care and Activity Center. One of the center's residents apartments were showcased during the visit and to me it seems like they are doing great, surrounded by things they from their life and everything that matters to them. The apparent belonged to Regitze Jacobsen who was extremely glad and honor to meet the future Queen. We need to take care of all people in our society no matter who they are. End of story. These people have worked all their lives for the country we live in today and we should thank them for what they have done for us. Sadly I haven't been able to find any pictures to share with you, because there are so so many wonderful pictures out there from the visit. Instead I found a little video which might be even better. Watch it and I will assure you that your heart will melt down.

The absolute best was to see her with the residents. See their happy faces and how much it means to them to meet Mary. I can't deny that closely followed is her outfit. Sigh. A red suit! I want one right away! If I'm correct this is the first time ever we have seen Mary in a red suit and I truly hope it will not be the last time. Red is symbolized with so many things from hate to love, no matter what it's symbolized with great power. Personally I love wearing this colour and to see Mary in a red made my day even better. Wauw. Wauw. With a white blouse, the red Hugo Boss (Fall 2013 Ready-to-wear) suit she matched the Danish flags the kids were welcoming her with. I'm sure you all noticed the lovely beige coat, by the way a fabulous colour next to the red suit, which actually is reused. The coat is at least 12 years old. Pretty cool -I think so! In 2001 Mary visited Denmark for the first time and Billed-Bladet got a picture of her, where she is wearing the exact same coat as this one. Then two, 2003, years later at the christening of Ellen Hillngsø and Christoffer Castenskiold's son, Thomas, Mary attended wearing the beige coat again. As far as I know we haven't seen it since. Till her day in Herning. It kinda makes me happy to see such and old item again because even though so many years have pasts I think she wear the coat even better today. Unfortunately I do not know who the designer is such as the brown pumps. I once heard that her pumps should be from Christian Louboutin but I doubt that. Do you happen to know anything about them? In a third brown nuance she wore a brown hand-made clutch from Carlend Copenhagen. When she took off the coat her silver lurex cardigan from By Malene Birger was visible such as a three-chain necklace featuring round pendants. At first I wasn't able to find out where who designed this new necklace. Then I realized that it's a three-chain necklace featuring a pendant with each child's initial. Long = C, Christian _ Medium = I, Isabella _ Short = V+J, Vincent+Josephine. The short necklace features two pendants. Take a look at this pictures here and I'm sure you will see what I mean. The necklace is from Danish Jewellery designer Jane Kønig. I love the fact that she is wearing a necklace with each of her children's initials. What any mother would do. The only thing that changed with her outfit from one event to the next, was that she was not wearing the silver cardigan at the swimming event. Simply because of the heat inside the swimming hall I think. 

Crown Princess Mary attended the Short Course Championships in swimming

After she visited the Lind Care and Activity Center Mary attended the Short Course Championships in swimming in Jyske Bank Boksen as the patron of Danish Swimming. At the arrival to Jyske Bank Boksen she was welcomed by the volunteers at the event. This year it is the first time European Championships in swimming at the short course for seniors is held in Denmark. The Championships lasts from December 12th to 15th. I think one reason why she was wearing these specific colour might be because she was also attending a the Short Course Championships in swimming and wanted to represent Denmark in the best way, supporting the participants. Seems like it worked because the Danes won! It was a Danish record and world record in the girls relay. The Danish team was Pernille Blume, Jeanette Ottesen, Kelly Riber Rasmussen and Mie Ø. Nielsen, who won in distance 4x50 meter free. I congratulate the team with the victory! They girls was also congratulate by Mary who handed over the golden medals. Rikke Møller Pedersen was lucky to get a photo of her and Mary, you see below. With this photo we can also see the white blouse she wore much better. 

Så blev det en fantastisk aften. Dansk rekord og verdensrekord i pigernes holdkap. Ja og så mødte jeg lige Hendes Kongelige Højhed Prinsesse Mary, som er ambassadør for dansk svømning :)
Opslået af Rikke Møller Pedersen på 12. december 2013

Suit: HUGO Hugo Boss Red Suit
Cardigan: Ann Taylor
Necklaces: Jane Kønig LoveTag Necklace DKK 550?
Bracelet: Shamballa Jewels Royal Bracelet w. Argyle Pink Diamond Pavé
Clutch: Carlend Copenhagen Vanessa DKK 8,500

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