An Open World: Science, Technology and Society in the light of Niels Bohr's thoughts

December, 4th
Photo @Angés Colbert

As an stand-in for her husband, Crown Princess Mary attended the opening of the international conference An Open World: Science, Technology and Society in the light of Niels Bohr's thoughts. The conference takes place from December 4-6th.

About An Open World: Science, Technology and Society in the light of Niels Bohr's thoughts
International researchers and decision-makers were gathered at the University of Copenhagen to explore how open access to information and scientific cooperation can help us manage global problems focusing on among others political, climate and warfare issues. Read more here.

This event was scheduled to Crown Prince Frederik but Mary stepped in instead of him in the last minute because Frederik secretly just travelled to Afghanistan to visit the Danish troops. As a couple there are there to help each other and I love that he did not canceled his royal appearance but send his wife instead. I know how important it is for people that the royals actually show up and make it a more prestigious memory. 9:00 am. Mary arrived to University of Copenhagen attending the Niels-Bohr-conference. At the opening she will hear some of the keynote speakers, including the American historian Richard Rhodes who is the author of books about nuclear power and analysis of physicist Niels Bohr's work. During the conference she also attended the speech by the Secretary General of the International Atomic Energy Agency Yukiya Amano, who's speech was on contemporary issues concerning nuclear power. It all take place in the ceremonial hall at University of Copenhagen on occasion of the 100th anniversary of Niels Bohr' three world-famous articles in a physics journal, in which he outlined his new atomic theory. The conference takes starting point in Niels Bohr's later thoughts that the physicist formulated in an open letter to the UN in 1950. The letter argued for the necessity of an open world with sharing of scientific and technical knowledge between nations seen the light in the contemporary concern about the use of nuclear power in warfare. Below you see a picture of the man himself: the famous Niels Bohr. Taken in 1961.

Even this was a last minute job Mary was in a great mood and beautiful dressed in a classy black suit. But I need to start somewhere else today because I must say that I admire that she attended the opening of the conference in Copenhagen with bare legs. It's December and pretty cold. How is that even possible? Is she never getting cold wearing no sheer tights? I would become ill right away. And then she's wearing a scarf at the same time, it really does not make sense to me at all. Well Mary, you are a cool woman. The powder pink lace scarf was one of the first thing I noticed maybe because of the black suit. At the same time it was a great match to the beige Prada clutch she had chosen to wear as well. I like a little colour next to the black that makes it both edgy and feminine. By the way, her asymmetric jacket featuring a belt, I believe we have seen before but I can't remember when or where. Something you remember? I really like that scarf, clutch and shoes matched this well. Talking about shoes I am so so glad to see these patent Prada pumps again with the black cap-toe and heel. Usually I'm not at all a fan of two coloured shoes especially in a patent material but this Prada-model are a fantastic match of colours. I always imagined that they are quite comfortable to wear. She makes it seems so easy to walk in them. I know it's all about training and a little bit of practice but wauw I would love love to try these on. She accessorized her December-last-minute-look with golden earrings and bracelets as well as her rhinestone brooch from Elise Gug. This is how to use black in a brilliant way by wearing blushed accessories. 

Photo @Agnés Colbert
Brooch: Elise Gug
Clutch: Prada Saffiano Vernice Clutch SGD$ 1,100
Shoes: Prada Two Tone Patent Pumps

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