Christmas Services

December, 24th

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary attended a Christmas service along with Prince Christian and Princess Isabella. As a tradition did Queen Margrethe, Prince Henrik, Prince Joachim and Princess Marie and Prince Henrik also attend the service. The three youngest children, Prince Vincent, Princess Josephine and Princess Athena, were waiting on the palace for their family to return. Everyone seemed to be in a really great mood, happy to attend the Christmas service. Like everything else in December, the 24th is the ultimate day to gather your family and celebrate it all together. Me all have our own traditions and this is one of those we know about who the royal family celebrate their Christmas. The last twelve year I have every single Christmas attended a Christmas service in the local church, something I will not do without. The atmosphere is just wonderful and something you need to experience yourself. I'm sure all the royal kids were exited as every other kid on Christmas Eve when they attended the services but well-behaved as always.

To celebrate this evening Mary was wearing a navy blue double breasted coat featuring golden or maybe copper buttons. I think it is the second time we see it. To find the coat has not been easy at all but now it has been identified as Prada, I tend to say -of course. I'm sure we will see it sometimes again. I have completely fallen in love with the beige leather boots with the high heel. Wauw they look good at the same time they are a match to the coat and black leather gloves.

Coat: Prada
Boots: Valentino Leahter Knee Boots

December 25th

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary attended a service on December 25th accompanied by Former Pastor Peter Parkov who is a close friend of the family and does always celebrate Christmas with Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik. Peter Parkov has been physically disabled and is now on crutches. Therefore, the couple helped him out of the Queen's car to get to the church service, which aroused joy with the older man.

On the 24th Mary was a little more elegant dressed but when she arrived with Frederik and Peter Parkov, she was dressed casual with a messy hairstyle, her white Prada coat and pretty expensive Quidam clutch. In all black it was great to see just some colours on this second day in church. 

Coat: Prada
Clutch: Quidam Grey Calfskin Clutch

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