Christmas Reception at Amalienborg Castle

December, 4th

Crown Princess Mary hosted a Christmas reception at Amalienborg Castle for the partners working with the Mary Foundation. 

It has become a tradition for Mary and her foundation to host a Christmas reception for the partners working and supporting the Mary Foundation and their work. This year was no exception. They were all invited to glögg/gløgg and æbleskiver. To you who have no idea what this is, don't worry I'm about to tell you because I understand if you haven't heard it. Glögg/gløgg is a drink with its history back in Germany called glühwein. It's made of among others red wine, snaps, brown rom, madeira, oranges, lemon, cinnamon, star anise etc. You drink it hot. It tastes a little spicy and if you get too much of it you will for sure get drunk ;) Æbleskiver (in Danish) and I'm not sure they have an english name but in Denmark we love them. Æbleskiver are made of  primarily pancake dough, which in a dumpling pan fried in a round shape. They are really delicious! If you get the change to try these two things someday, do it. Eaten with jam or icing sugar. So now you know what they had to drink and eat. They we gathered in the tapestry hall. I'm sure they had a great time talking about this and that. Mary got the change to talk to among others with CEO Helle Østergaard and associate professor, Ph.D. and Centre Dorthe Bleses about children's language development, one of the Mary Foundations 
workspaces. There was plenty of time to talk about the different projects and the results the foundation has achieved in the past year and maybe also about new projects? Who knows. 

The purple Prada dress was a really great choice for her to wear at the Christmas reception! It's a dress we have seen many times before at several occasions over the years, still I think it's magnificent. The shape suits her very well and the dark purple colour looks amazing with the dark hair colour. When she has worn the dress before, it's often accessorized with items in the same purple colour and that was sort of also the case at yesterdays outfit. She matched her diamond earrings from Cenius & Bach featuring a squared amethyst pendant. Pure glamour! With the standard good-looking hairstyle and elegant makeup, which did also contain the colour purple, I think she completed her look beautifully. As the only black item she wore the diamond watch from Cartier with a black strap. The story tells that Frederik gave Mary a Cartier watch on the day of their wedding in 2004 and I'm pretty sure it's this one. A silver Cartier watch featuring diamonds and a interchangeable strap. Seen with a purple and black strap, although black is what we are most often. On the other hand she wore her Shamballa Jewels bracelet with gold chain and the pink argyle ball. One of the basic thing she wear right now, a piece of jewellery no one else then her is able to buy. With a bright coloured dress Mary was wearing patent nude pumps from the same designer as the dress, Prada. Seen at all kind of events but I'm sure we all remember them from one specific day -when the twins Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine were christened. An outfit she was praised for by all journalists, bloggers and designers. 

Dress: Prada Black Cap-Sleeve Dress $175 (pre-owned)
Earrings: Cenius & Bach Royal Earrings
Watch: Cartier
Bracelet: Shamballa Jewels Royal Bracelet w. Argyle Pink Diamond Pavé
Shoes: Prada

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