Day 2. Official state visit from Iceland

Wednesday, January 25th

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary are present at several events during the state visit of the Icelandic Presidential couple, H.E. Guðni Thorlacius Jóhannesson and Mrs Eliza Jean Reid.

Program: Copenhagen
  • 9:00 am. Crown Princess Mary and Mrs Eliza Jean Reid attended a meeting with the Mary Foundation in Frederik VIII's Palace, Amalienborg.
  • 10:00 am. Crown Prince Frederik and H.E. Guðni Thorlacius Jóhannesson were present at a seminar on innovation and sustainability at Danish Industry, Copenhagen. 
  • 10:15 am. Crown Princess Mary and the Icelandic First Lady visited the kindergarden Tante Olgas Børnehus in Copenhagen. 
  • 10:50 am. Crown Prince Frederik and the President visited the State of Green following the seminar at Danish Industry. 
  • 11:15 am. The Crown Princess and the First Lady visited the UN City in Copenhagen. 
  • 11:20 am. The Crown Prince and the President visited International Council for the Exploration of the Sea
  • 12:10 pm. The Crown Prince couple visited University of Copenhagen along with the Icelandic Presidential couple. 
  • 1:20 pm. The Crown Prince couple and the Presidential couple had lunch at Hotel and Restaurant School. 
  • 7:00 pm The Presidential couple will host a reception in honor of the royal couple at North Atlantic Quay.
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The Crown Prince couple & the Icelandic Presidential couple during their day in Copenhagen

Day two is here. After yesterday's list of events, I think the Icelandic Presidential couple were looking very much forward to one more day in Copenhagen, before leaving Denmark the following day. Arriving to Denmark the Presidential couple shared their experiences with Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik. Day two they shared, most of the time, accompanied by Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary. I was thrilled when I found out that Frederik and Mary would accompany the President and his wife during their second day here in Denmark. From around 9:00 am till 12:00 pm. local time, Mrs Eliza Jean Reid joined Mary and H.E. Guðni Thorlacius Jóhannesson spend some time along with the Crown Princess. Among others, Mary and the First Lady attended a meeting with the Mary Foundation as the first thing in the morning followed by a visit to the kindergarden Tante Olgas Børnehus. Meanwhile the Crown Prince and Icelandic President were present at a seminar on innovation and sustainability at Danish Industry, also in Copenhagen. At noon the two "teams" met to have some lunch at Hotel and Restaurant School. Pictures clearly shows them having a great time together! Before the dinner in the evening, the Presidential couple payed several places in Copenhagen a visit on their own.

Please not that the program above is not complete. It only shows the events the Crown Prince couple attended. 

I am overwhelmed who Mary always keep surprising me when it comes to outfits! I have no idea how she does it. Or maybe am I too easily impressed? Nevertheless, I am impressed (that even rhymed). Since the first time we saw her in that Oscar de la Renta dress I have been in love with it. The shape is magnificent. One thing that bothered me was the colours, but the way she styles it this time I adore the colours too. So inspiring to see how to mix and match both new and reused items and colours. Danes sometimes are a bit afraid of colours (including me), but Mary makes me wanna try all kind of matches with prints, patterns and colours. From what I know then her coat is new. Had a strong feeling that it was a Prada design and now I have a proof, here. Beautifully she had chosen to wear accessories in burgundy. Gloves, suede belt, clutch and of course pumps were all in that incredibly stunning colour. The Hugo Boss clutch has been seen at several occasions before this such as the pointed Gianvito Rossi pumps. I have come to love Rossi's design more and more! Just a little funny thing to share, then she wore the belt here in 2015. As jewellery she wore diamond earrings from Hartmanns and three diamond rings where two of them are from  Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen. Such a beautiful outfit.

Dress: Oscar de la Renta Diamond Cutout Plaid Dress, Grey
Coat: Prada Wool Coat
Earrings: Hartmanns
Rings: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Love Band Ring
Clutch: Hugo Boss Purple Clutch
Shoes: Gianvito Rossi Red Burgundy Suede Court Shoes

The Crown Prince couple attending the Presidential couple's dinner on occasion of the state visit

At 7:00 pm. local time, it was time for dinner. It was hosted by the Icelandic Presidential couple, H.E. Guðni Thorlacius Jóhannesson and Mrs Eliza Jean Reid in honor of the Queen and her husband. The return dinner is a tradition for both the hosting couple and the visiting couple. When Frederik and Mary are abroad somewhere in the world on an official state visit, they also host a return dinner the day before going back to Denmark. Never mind, back to the dinner in Copenhagen. It was taking place at North Atlantic Quay. Not only did the Crown Prince couple attend, also Prince Joachim and his wife Princess Marie and (of course) the Queen attended too. At the arrival everybody were warmly welcomed by the Icelandic Presidential couple, who really seemed to have been looking forward to this evening. Maybe it is a bit wrong calling it at dinner, it was more a reception really. The President gave a speech when everyone had arrived, where he among others thanked the Queen Margrethe for a couple of wonderful days. 

Reception outfits are something Mary has had many years to practice and she has become really good at it. For sure the Crown Princess won my heart all over again. She was dressed in that smashing red lace dress from Dolce & Gabbana, worn once before the reception at North Atlantic Quay. It looks as magnificent as the first time. As a cape she was wearing her white Prada coat at the arrival, which was later taken off. Beautifully she accessorized the dress by wearing an embellished belt. Differently not something we have seen before. Now when we have a close up of her belt, here, it was possible to find out where it's from. I had Dolce & Gabbana in mind all along, but somehow I never looked to see if I could find it there. With a little belt and a quick search her belt has now been identify as the same designer as the dress. Matching both colour of the dress and belt (and berry lips), Mary had chosen a brand new Carlend Copenhagen clutch in burned orange. Even Frederik's tie matched his wife! The smashing golden earrings are from Dulong Fine Jewelry. Just like early during the day she wore diamond rings from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen. To make her outfit even more complete we have the beige Prada pumps. What else to say than outstanding!

Coat: Prada
Dress: Dolce & Gabbana Red Lace Dress
Belt: Dolce & Gabbana Brown Snakeskin Leather Crystal Gold Waist Belt
Earrings: Dulong Fine Jewelry Kharisma Earrings w. Diamonds, Big
Rings: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Love Band Ring
Clutch: Carlend Copenhagen AICHA Original Croco Clutch

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