Launch of Antibulli

Saturday, January 7th

Crown Princess Mary participated in the launching of Antibulli along with the Mary Foundation and handball player Mikkel Hansen. The launching took place in Silkeborg. 

Around noon the Crown Princess arrived to Vestergadehallen in Silkeborg to participate in the launching of a new project called Antibulli. The project is made in collaboration with the Mary Foundation MH24 - The association Mikkel Against Bullying which has handball player Mikkel Hansen as frontman. Antibulli are intended to strengthen unity and community among children in the Danish handball clubs. Maybe you remember having heard about this before, then it may be because you have heard about it before. The collaboration was announced a year ago and an interview with Mikkel Hansen and the Crown Princess were broadcasted on Danish television. Now it was finally time to test drive the project; here children, handball coaches and parents showed up to try out this new project. From what I see, it was a success. Everybody participating including Mary seemed to have a great time. A great start of something I think will continue as a success. I wish all involved in the project all the best and of course, congratulations!

Just a couple of days ago Mary was dressed in the most outstanding evening gown featuring expensive fabrics, lace and tulle. Completely different we saw her wear jeans, a black and white Hummel t-shirt and a pair of colourful New Balance sneakers at the launching in Silkeborg. Isn't this why we just adore her so much? Never too royal to show up wearing everyday jeans and sneakers. Dressed like all the others. At the arrival Mary wore a black coat from Hugo Boss featuring leather pockets -an edgy detail! I simply love when we see her all casual like this. But no outfit without something glittering which is why she was wearing her Cartier bracelet and a pair of Hartmanns diamond earrings. I would love to wear a casual outfit and diamond earrings with such elegance as she does, but it never works as good as for Mary. Think we saw a very comfortable Crown Princess, having a great time in Silkeborg.

Coat: Hugo Boss
Blouse: Hummel
Earrings: Hartmanns
Bracelet: Cartier Love Bracelet
Shoes: New Balance

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