Christmas (Eve)

Saturday, December 24th

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary attended a Christmas service in Aarhus cathedral along with all four children. The Queen, Prince Henrik such as Prince Joachim and Princess Marie attended the service with their their children. 

It has been a tradition for me and my grandfather to go to church every year on Christmas eve; something we have been doing the last 15 or 16 years I think. As this is a tradition for me, it is for the Danish royal family. Each year as good as everyone in the family are going to church on December 24th -the day where Christmas is celebrated in Denmark. I'm sure some of you might have the same tradition. Well, Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik had invited their family to this Christmas service which took place in Aarhus cathedral because the family is celebrating Christmas to Marselisborg castle this year. Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary attended in a great mood along with all four children. Also Prince Joachim and Princess Marie were present accompanied by their two children Prince Henrik and Princess Athena. Prince Joachim's two oldest son's, Prince Nikolai and Prince Felix also enjoyed an hour or so along with their family. Everybody seemed to be in a splendid mood!

Christmas eve is differently one of my favourites because you get to wear one of your most beloved (and dazzling) outfits. We rarely see what Mary is wearing a such private occasions, but still we got a glimpse of her because of the service in Aarhus, though it's not must. No doubt that she was keeping warm in one of her lovely grey wool coats - still unidentified. In a few photos we get a glimpse of what she is wearing underneath. To me it looks like a brand new burgundy dress featuring a turtleneck. A closer look at some pictures I so sure it's not lace but a glitter dress. I am still having trouble finding the right one. No ideas? 

This she had matched with diamond earrings from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, black tights, a black Quidam clutch and of course her incredible black SAND Copenhagen pointed pumps. I also see what I believe is a new brooch from Marni. Can't tell where it's from. Simple, yet very elegant. Perfect for Christmas eve. As the rest of her outfit, Mary's makeup and hairstyle were simple and polished.

Earrings: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Winter Frost Earrings
Brooch: Marni Embellished Strass Brooch (NEW!)
Clutch: Quidam Calfskin Clutch
Shoes: SAND Copenhagen

Saturday, December 24th

The most wonderful photo has been shared of Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik and their eight grandchildren. I was taken on Christmas eve in front of a beautifully decorated Christmas tree. The whole family were gathered at Marselisborg castle. From what I see in this one photo, I am sure they had a great evening together.

Well then, Merry Christmas from the royal family!

Sunday, December 25th

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary attended Christmas service on December 25th taking place in Aarhus cathedral. Prince Christian and Princess Isabella attended as well, such as the Queen, Prince Henrik and Prince Joachim and Princess Marie.

Another tradition the royal have is to go to church the day after Christmas eve on December 25th. It was also the case this year. Something like this does not change which I think it just great. Like the day before Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik were present accompanied by their two son's and their part part of their families, because only Prince Christian his sister Princess Isabella, Prince Nikolai and Prince Felix attended the Christmas service. The Queen and her husband warmly welcomed the family members at the arrival. Think they had a great time together. Wonder what it feels like to attend a service the same day, in the same church as the royal family? I wouldn't mind trying that. This only makes me even more excited about it's soon time to celebrate New Year's eve! -with big dressed, tiaras and grand ball! Let it soon be December 31st.  

First thing I noticed when I saw pictures from the service, was that Frederik and Mary were dressed in matching outwear. Both in grey. Splendid match. Such as Prince Joachim and Princess Marie were in matching coats. Well-dressed men and their wife's! Mary was a bit more simple than the evening before, which of course is understandable. This time she was in a dark grey turtleneck blouse featuring long sleeves and a pair of black trousers. I think it is her black suede ankle boots from Prada she's wearing to match the trousers. Very elegant and sophisticated she embraced the style with a pair of diamond earrings from Hartmann's as well as a pair of diamond rings from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen.

Earrings: Hartmann's
Rings: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Love Band Ring

It could be…
Shoes: Prada

Thursday, December 29th

Only one thing was missing to make the perfect Christmas and that is of course a royal Christmas card from Frederik and Mary. I'm alway thrilled to see which picture they have chosen to become this years Christmas card photo and it is just a lovely, here. All four children smiling and having fun! Wearing shorts and short sleeved blouses that may indicate it was taken during the summer. Maybe you even remember this is not the first time we get a Christmas card where the family sits on that couch. In 2010, before the twins were born, we got this incredible photos of Frederik and Mary along with Prince Christian and Princess Isabella sitting on the very same couch, here

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