Morning café for the homeless

Wednesday, December 21st

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary unofficially visited Morning Café for the homeless in Copenhagen. 

It has been a year packed with these unofficial visits. But you do not hear me complain at all. It is a pleasant surprise. This time the Crown Prince couple payed a visit to the Morning café for the homeless who works to reduce homelessness and improve living conditions. At the café homeless can get a proper meal, clothing's and medial help if needed. The place received The Crown Prince Couple's Social Prize back in 2008. The couple were given a guided tour to see the facilities at the Morning Café and got to meet some of the volunteers and users, who seemed more than overwhelmed to say hallo to Denmark's future King and Queen. As usual the couple were down on earth and all relaxed. They took plenty of time to talk and listen during the visit. And of course a couple of pictures were taken. What a wonderful Christmas present!

As it was an unofficial and more or less private visit, both Frederik and Mary were dressed casual. Mary was wearing simple trousers, black I think, and what I believe is a new burgundy jacket such as a blouse underneath featuring a ruffle hemline. No idea where any of this is from, but it looks so comfy and classy of course at the same time. Pretty sure it's a By Malene Birger scarf she wore. Wonder if she might have been wearing a warmer coat at the arrival? Denmark is no warm right now. Well, it's only thoughts. Frederik had matched a checkered shirt and a grey sweater with a pair of light grey trousers. One good-looking Crown Prince couple we have!

Scarf: By Malene Birger

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