Christmas at Frederik VIIIs Palace

Something I never thought would happen in a million year, has just happened! We have got a little sneak-peek behind the walls of Frederik VIIIs Palace during December. Another reason why I have come to love the Danish royal family on the social media even more. We get to see things we can only dream of, yet with a distance as it should be (that's just my opinion) because they are who they are. The family members allow us to see moments that are a little more private. Which really is the coincidence this time. Maybe you have already seen the two posted images? The Crown Princess took these lovely pictures of her four sweet children decorating a Christmas tree! I think it turned out really well. Wonder if it is the Queen who made the beautiful carpet under the tree? She probably did. With a tree like this I believe the royal family will have a wonderful Christmas.
If you adore the tree as much as I did, I give you some ideas beneath the Facebook post what to buy to get your very own, royal, Christmas tree! Happy 9th of December.

By the way, did you know that the royal family have their own Christmas calendar on Instagram? They do. Each day a new photo is shared, chosen in collaboration with Queen Margrethe.

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