Christmas reception for the Mary Foundation

Tuesday, December 6th

Crown Princess Mary attended the Christmas reception for the Mary Foundations collaborators at Frederik VIIIs palace, Amalienborg. 

Christmas time! The most wonderful time a year. Differently what I look forward to the most each year, just as this Christmas reception. It has become a tradition to invite all of the Mary Foundations collaborators to a reception at Amalienborg with the purpose to thanks all for yet another year of collaboration. December is the perfect month for this. This is the main reason why around a hundred people were invited with the Crown Princess as host. From what I see, I think it was a wonderful afternoon for all of them. Mary seemed to be in a great mood, mingling with lots of the attendance who also seemed really to enjoy themselves. In the pictures I see a lovely atmosphere, especially because of the huge and magnificent chandeliers, large mirrors, gilded decorations and the dusty colour on the walls. I do not know if any of you (primarily for the Danes out there) took the chance to visit Frederik VIIIs palace before the Crown Prince family moved in? -Well I did. For sure you have already heard to talk about it. What I try to say is, that I understand if the special invited people were amazed by the room; I was! One of the most amazing experiences in my life.

Mary shone like a Christmas star at the reception! Am I the only one, or is Mary able to light up a room just by being there? Differently. Her eyes were almost smiling as much as her mouth. At the event she was dressed in the most beautiful blouse and trousers. First I was sure I should find the blouse and trousers at two different designers, but with help from one of you both piece have now been found at Jesper Høvring (Jesper Høvring x Great Greenland AW14-15). Don't think you will disagree with me when I say -splendid combination! Makes me want to try something similar right away. Unfortunately we can't see what pair of shoes she had chosen, but I guess them design could include suede and the colour burgundy. Or maybe even blue as the blouse, that would be cool. Also necklace is new, yet another fantastic Dulong Fine Jewelry creation such as the earrings. Think I also see her golden (expensive) Cartier bracelet on her left wrist and a golden ring -which could be her Dulong Fine Jewelry ring- on her right hand. This look paired with berry red lips and dark blue eyeshadow, well do I have to say more than: gold, blue and burgundy = thumbs up!

Suit: Jesper Høvring Two-tone Blouse and Trousers
Earrings: Dulong Fine Jewelry Kharisma Earrings w. Diamonds, Large
Necklace: Dulong Fine Jewelry Kharisma Diamond Neck Ring
Bracelet: Cartier Love Bracelet

It could be from...
Ring: Dulong Fine Jewelry Stella

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