April 9, 1940

Thursday, April 9th

Crown Princess Mary attended a ceremony to honor those who lost somehow was part of the second world war. The ceremony took place at Søgårdlejeren in Aabenraa. 


The Crown Princess arrived to Søgårdlejeren in Aabenraa in a good mood. All relaxed and comfortable. The reason for her visit is on occasions of the 75th "anniversary" for when Denmark was occupied by Germany during the second world war. It was on April 9th 1940. I think it's remarkable that Mary takes the time to commemorate Denmark's ancestors. We all have ancestors how has experienced the war. The day is an important part of our history and it means a lot to many Danes to remember the day that changed the country also subsequently. It makes me prove to have a Crown Princess who thinks of others. Not many things bring the Danes together but a historical day like this does, such as the Royal family. The day also reminds us all that we live in a more or less peaceful world. The Crown Princess placed a wreath to honor those we lost or got missing during the war. 

Mary was, very appropriately, dressed in black and grey accessories. For me it looks like a old reused coat with some kind of embroidered floral pattern -maybe a jacquard pattern. And I was right about the coat; it is a reused. She wore it when she was pregnant with Princess Isabella in 2007, here, and at a reburial of Queen Dagmar later on, here. Thanks to a good friend of mine you get two events with her wearing it. Then the amazing grey hat! I do not know if it was made asymmetric to be on the side of her head, but to me it looks polished. Milliner Susanne Juul might be the creator. It was at the opening of the Parliament in 2009 that Mary wore the exact same coat with the hat, here. I wrongly identified her grey pumps as Gianvito Rossi a few posts ago. Because with a closer look at them I noticed a golden detail around the heel. After a while I came across a model from Rupert Sanderson and it seems like the "golden heel" is something he is known to use. Then there is her patent grey clutch which to me looks like Prada. Then there is the little brooch worn on the coat. This little wonder is from the Danish designer Elise Gug

Hat: Susanne Juul
Earrings: Hartmann's
Brooch: Elise Gug Stone Brooch
Rings: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Love Bands Ring
Bracelet: Marianne Dulong Anello Pearl Bracelet
Shoes: Rupert Sanderson Grey Suede Pumps

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