The Crown Princess Mary obsession #4

This post I have been looking so much forward to. About one or two years ago this wonderful women emailed me and told all about her fascination with the Crown Princess. She even told me a about her hobby: to draw Mary's clothes! Since I saw her first drawings, I have ben impressed my her skills. She is actually the main reason why I had the idea about these obsession-posts in the first place. Welcome Inge and take good care of her. 

I would like to introduce myself. My name is Inge and I’m 65 years old and a retired preschool teacher. I have been a royalist since childhood. I have attended King Frederik’s (Queen Margrethe’s father) birthday celebration at Amalienborg several times either with my parent or the school I was working for.” 

Because of this early interest in the royal family Inge started collection pictures of Queen Margrethe when she was still just a princess: “During my school years I collected photos of Princess Margrethe. The photos were collected in a scrapbook together with photos of Cliff Richard (singer) and Michael Landon (actor). To this day, I still have these scrapbooks.”

The story goes on and Inge tells that when Frederik was born she found interest in this little new Prince as well: “When Crown Princess Frederik was born, I followed the family and especially his troubled childhood came to be a thing I had specially in mind.” When Mary became a bigger part of the Crown Princes life, Inge comments on the ‘love-of-his-life' by saying: “We were all able to read about his love affair in the magazines. I, myself, had a theory of him being involved with a girl from either the Faroe Islands or perhaps Greenland.” Of course we now all know that there was a specific girl that had his interest, the Australian born Mary Elizabeth Donaldson. “… I was immediately convinced that she was the right girl for him!” Inge says.


One thing that caught my attention about Inge and her amazing hobby is: why did this hobby even became a hobby for her? I myself love to be creative and make all kind of things that includes drawings, painting, sawing etc. but why make drawings of the future Queen’s clothes? Well, read what she answered to that question: “At their wedding, I was working on sketches of the wedding dress. These were mean to be cut-out doll’s for the children I was working with. Afterwards I continued designing Mary’s wardrobe for the paper dolls, based on her actually outfits.”

Actually, it’s not only Crown Princess Mary she made clothes for also her husband, now Crown Princess Frederik, was made as a doll: “A male doll was made to work as Crown Princess Frederik’s wardrobe.” The hobby didn’t stop there, because them Prince Christian was born he also became a subject for her work and “…when Princess Isabella was born, the children at the school asked me to do her wardrobe as well.” 

I’m so impressed by the way she works with the right colours, shapes and details on the dresses!
Due to a long period with stress and depression my creative work was temporarily set aside. When I retired and regained my confidence, I returned to my work with the paper dolls…” Luckily! “My main focus has always been on Mary and her wardrobe. Now I draw for pure pleasure and it’s a great pastime activity!”


She even make a kind statement about me and my blog: “Styleofmary and Henriette helped me to collect photos of Mary’s outfit, she has been wearing during me time also away from sketching. Even my less sharp photos from old magazines, she was able to find again”.

I know this from myself, when you start collection royal things, you’ll very quickly get lots of folder, magazines etc. Inge knows what I’m talking about: “I now have three complete folder with evening gown, casual dresses, suits, skirts, pants, jackets, coats, ponchos, fur coats, hats as well as special outfits from for instance Greenland, the Faroe Islands and the military.”

My final question to Inge was: Do you continue your CP Mary hobby? “Whether I’ll continue to draw Mary’s outfits or not, I don’t know yet. For the time being, I truly enjoyed it and find it relaxing. Even the complicated patterns and designs I find a certain joy in and takes it as a challenge. At times, I have entertained the idea of sending several pages filled with dolls and outfits to Princess Isabella on her birthday when she was old enough. she has now reached that age but I’m still in a doubt. after all, I’m still just an enthusiastic amateur.” I really hope you decide to send your wonderful dolls to Princess Isabella. I’m sure she’ll be thrilled to see herself as a paper doll with all her own clothes! 

Thanks Inge for being part of Styleofmary with your great work and to give the time to share your story with all of us!

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