The opening of Økodag 2015

Sunday, April 19th

Crown Princess Mary attended the opening of Økodag 2015 (Organic Day) which took place in Bækkenstoft, Kirke Hyllinge. Princess Isabella, Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine joined their mother at work. 

What a pleasant surprise to see that the Crown Princess brought three of her children to join her at the opening of Økodag 2015 in Bækkenstoft. I had no idea she would bring Princess Isabella, Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine, but I love the fact that the children had the chance to join their mother at work. All four of them arrived to Kirke Hyllinge before 12:00 pm local time where she was about to official open by cutting a red ribbon -very royal. The Økodag also celebrated its 25th anniversary. Both the Crown Princess and her children joined several activities, said hallo to the cows and tried to milk a cow. A wonderful sight! All of them seemed to be in a splendid mood, especially the kids seemed to have a great time around the animals. For me it was wonderful just to see Mary with a huge smile on her face, enjoying the day with her kids. I am over the moon with the fact that the Crown Princess was joined by her children at the opening and anniversary celebration. 

Choose any colour to symbolize ecology? I am sure many of you would choose green. Well, Mary did. She has chosen to wear a lovely moss green Ralph Lauren (Blue Label collection) blazer first seen when the Crown Prince couple visited Greenland in 2014, here. And of course you clearly remember the trip because all four children joined their parents. Am I right? I was a spectacular trip! Back to her clothes. The Ralph Lauren blazer has also been seen worn by Duchess Catherine of Cambridge, here. Overall, Mary was rather casual dressed at the opening of Økodag in Bækkenstoft. To match the reused blazer, I was so sure she was wearing a new white peplum from Rosemunde Copenhagen but even I am wrong now and then. Because it turns out to be a reused lace peplum worn a few year ago in New York, here, and is from ZARA. And of course, then we have the ankle boots. Both chic and practical. I can't decide whether or not they are her suede boots from Isabel Marrant, here. What's your thoughts about this? I'd love to see more of these everyday outfits. 

Blouse: Zara 
Blazer: Ralph Lauren Custom Riding Jacket 
Earrings: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Love Bands Earrings in 18K Rose Gold with Diamonds

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