The Crown Princess Mary obsession #3

Now it is time again! Mary has more then just a ‘few’ followers in Denmark and I am so lucky to have some of the best in the world reading my blog. The most kind, extraordinary and dedicated followers. Something a blogger can only wish for. You have given me the chance to tell your stories and for that I am very honored. I can’t thank you enough for participating. This time we get to hear the story from Pline. Make her feel special for sharing her story with us! 

So, Pline tell us how it all started and your first 'meeting' with the royal family?
“It has been, I think, 4 years I have been following Mary and her family. I remember the first time I saw her in a magazine from when then twins were christened {April 14, 2011}” Pline introduces her passion for Crown Princess Mary with these two simple phrases.

After a while she found out that Mary was much more then just a pretty girl in a magazine. Mary made her aware of what 'fashion' real means: “When I knew her better, I admitted that her style was very unique. Her stylist is pretty amazing. Before I got to knew her, I didn't care about what I was wearing but with her sense of fashion and style she gave me the opportunity to be a little bit more well-dressed. I have to say, she’s definitely a source of inspiration to me!” I think Pline got as obsessed by Mary’s wonderful taste in clothes as we all did. When she became the Crown Princess of Denmark she chose, as one of the few princesses, to hire a stylist. In an interview Mary once said that style and fashion were not something that bothered her that much and actually she didn’t knew her own style yet. That’s why she needed a stylist. Now Mary teaches all of us how to dress!

If you should share anything with Style of Mary's reader, what would that be?
In the mail I received from Pline she send me: “…some pictures of Mary where” she thinks “…she is on the top of her game!” And of course you get to see them as well.

image   image   image   image   image   image

Have you ever thought of visiting Denmark?
One thing many of you want, is to visit Denmark, which makes me so happy! To see some of the castles and museums we have, Pline did: “2 years ago I went to Denmark and I visited Copenhagen”
I’m always interessted in how you find my blog and hear about the experience you get when you visit it, Pline actually expressed how she found Styleofmary “…I discovered your website thanks to Now, I check yours almost every day!” These words makes me most thrilled person in the world, the best is to know that my readers like the blog.

…the end…

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