Hotel d'Angleterre celebrates 260th anniversary

Saturday, April 25th

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary attended a gala dinner at Hotel d'Angleterre on occasion of the hotels 260th anniversary.

The hotel is located at Konges Nytorv and is one of four five star hotels in Copenhagen. This year Hotel d'Angleterre celebrated its 260 anniversary. On this occasion many special invited guest were attending a gala dinner and two of them were the Crown Princess couple who attended as guest of honor. The royal couple arrived in a splendid mood with great smiles on their faces. They were welcomed as if they were Hollywood stars about to attend a film premiere. CEO Else Marie Remmen was the one to welcome the couple along with journalists, photographers and even many Danes had shown up to get a glimpse of them and all the other guests. Frederik and Mary were in great company and I am sure they enjoyed the evening at the grand hotel.

As magnificent as the entrance we have Mary in her wonderful new evening from YDE Copenhagen (FW13)! It features layers of tulle, incredible beadwork, the most amazing silhouette and pleats. Every little detail is spot on. Imagine to create a dress like this? -it takes a very skilled designer to create something this beautiful. Had the feeling that maybe Valentino was the designer and was pretty surprised when I found out a Danish Designer made it. Gown, glamorous curls and accessories Mary looked like a real movie star next to her husband, who was dressed in a classy black and white suit! The style of the dress and her hairstyle reminds me of the glamorous 50s with their curled hair and red lips. Which makes me think, why didn't we see any red lipstick? It would have made the look even more beautiful. She embraced the style by wearing diamond earrings featuring amethyst drop shaped pendants, an unidentified clutch and what I believe to be her black satin pumps from Prada. Another detail I hope you noticed is the purple nail polish; a perfect match for the earrings. 

Dress: YDE Copenhagen Tulle Gown in Black

Ideas for identification
Shoes: Prada

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