Parade at Gråsten Castle

17 July 2022

It has been four years since the Ringerinder Association has been able to do their annual parade through Gråsten, but now the parade is back again and the Crown Prince family celebrated the day along with everyone else. 

The family is currently vacating at Gråsten Castle in Southern Jutland. They have for quite some years stayed at Gråsten during the summer hollidays. So has Queen Margrethe.

The parade gathered around 300 horse riders and more than 100 on bikes. They all passed by Gråsten Castle and greeted the Crown Prince family with smiles and lots of flowers. Ringridning af a traditional sport mostly located in Southern Jutland. Horse riders fight to win by "catching" a ring with a kind of pointed spear (here).

Passing by Gråsten Castle is a highlight for the participants participating the parade. I think it s for the Crown Prince family as well. They were all so smiley and relaxed. A sight for sore eyes.

Billed BladetBilled BladetBilled BladetBilled Bladet ● Billed Bladet ● Billed Bladet ● UFO No More

I do love Mary's outfits, when she is attending a public event, but there is some kind of special aura over her more private outfits. They are a ture inspiration to me because many of them are so easy to copy - and we like to copy her stunning looks, right? At the parade, Mary has chosen one of her old dresses from Miræ Paris. She previously wore it another private event. When she, her husband and oldest son had his first day at Herlufsholm back in August 2021 (here). That blue colour is so lovely on her.

Mary embraced the style by wearing plenty of magnificent pieces of jewellery. I adore, when she wears these delicate pieces of jewellery all at once. Most of them are created by talented Dulong Fine Jewelry. The two golden necklaces, two out of three bracelets and of course those incredible golden earrings. They green pendants are also mastered by Dulong Fine Jewelry. I see a couple of rings as well. I am able to identify one of them as Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen.

Not that long ago, Mary added a pair of classy Chanel sling-back flats to her wardrobe. Since then, she has loved wearing them at both public and more private events. Like, when the couple visited the Netherlands (here) in June and later, when she watched Tour de France passing by Amalienborg (here) a few weeks ago.

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 Dress  Miræ Paris, here

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Pendant ● Dulong Fine Jewelry

Necklace ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here

Necklace ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here

Pendant ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here

Bracelet ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here (similar)

Bracelet ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here

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