First day at Herlufsholm

10th August

It was indeed a big day for the young and handsome Prince Christian. On August 10th, he started his three years a the gymnasium Herlufsholm. A boarding school in Næstved. He is to enter their health and nutrition department. His older cousin, Prince Nikolai, just graduated from Herlufsholm so he know all about how it is to both live there and study there.

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary shared the day along with their oldest son, who is now living away from their family home. As any other parents, I guess it was a huge day for both of them. Their first born is now confirmated, moved and entering the gymnasium. The royal court shared a few new photos of the Prince and his parents from his first day at Herlufsholm.

Mary looked all proved next to her big son and husband. She had chosen to wear a brand new dress for the occasion. A blue, v-neck dress featuring what looks like a white leaf print. A bit 90s vibe or is it just me? I had really no idea, were to find this beautiful dress. Heaven was way more lucky than I. She was able to identify the dress as Miræ Paris.

In a way, I wish she was wearing wedges for this dress. That would be a lovely combination. A dress like this takes wedges with perfection. Mary is often seen wearing heels also in private. That is why I guess she was also wearing some for this special occasion. But I would not be surprised if she more casual heeled sandals or as I mentioned, wedges.

She also embraced the style by wearing a few pieces of stunning golden jewellery. First I noticed her rather huge Dulong Fine Jewelry earrings. Looked great! The longer necklace are from the same talented designer. Meanwhile, the other golden necklace is from Orit Elhanati. One of her most beloved necklaces probably of all times. I see a few rings too (or maybe just one), but the photo is too blurry for me to identify these rings.

Yet another thing that caught my mind is how long her hair has become. Some photo from their vacation have appear and they really show how long Mary's hair is at the moment. I do not think we have ever seen it this long. I like it. Do you?


Dress ● Miræ Paris, here

Earrings ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here

Necklace ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here

Necklace ● Orit Elhanati, here


  1. For Prince Christian, life will change, he is the 2nd in line to the Throne of Denmark. He gets the education he needs for his future as King. Just sad children grow up so fast. He seem to be very well adjusted young man, thank to his parents. I wish him the best for the future.

    1. Luckily, both his parents have a very relaxed attitude in public and the fact that they are in the interest of people. Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary have protected all their children their entire childhood and a little step at a time introduced them to public appearances :)