Human Rights Conference 2021

17th August

The day before, Crown Princess Mary attended the opening of Human Rights Forum 2021 in the UN City in Copenhagen. On Tuesday, she attended the Human Rights Conference, which is part of the Human Rights Forum. The forum takes place from August 16th to 20th due to WorldPride and EuroGames. These events goes by the name Copenhagen 2021. All these events takes human rights to a whole other level.

The three day conference is all about connecting education with art, sports, culture, health and freedom to be who you are.

Crown Princess Mary arrived to Øksnehallen in Copenhagen Tuesday morning attend the conference. Shortly after a warm welcoming, the Crown Princess entered the stage and gave a remarkable speech. Truly, words are her strength. No doubt about that. You find her speech here.

It was as patron of Copenhagen 2021 that she gave her speech. She was not the only one to address the importance of human rights. Ann Linde, Minister of Foreign Affairs from Sweden and Minister of Culture and Equality from Norway Abid Raja also made their point of view known with some great speeches.

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Hey! What is not to like? I am simply impressed, speechless and overwhelmed by Mary's outfit at the Human Rights Conference. The combination of those pink wide-legged trousers and that new white blouse are so beautiful. I would wear those 31 Philip Lim trousers right away if I had longer and slimmer legs. But nature wanted something else for me. Royal Fashion Police made me aware of the designer (here).  Mary belted her look with a little more gold. She has worn these trousers on one other occasion. It was for a birthday celebration for Queen Margrethe back in April. The new white blouse has been found by UFO No More at Britt Sisseck. Lovely design!

Mary accessorized her look with some pretty incredible jewellery. All golden pieces. The diamond earrings are old ones from Sophie Bille Brahe. She has already worn these on many occasions. The same goes with her golden Cartier bangle. Mary also wore two other golden bangles. They are both from talented Rebekka Notkin.

The stunning brown leather tote from Max Mara is new as well. For a long time, I have been looking for something like this. I adore Mary's tote bags, but somehow they are not that easy to find for those of us who do no have the same budget. I am still searching for the right one. Her magnificent pink suede pumps have been identify as her old Jimmy Choo pumps. Made me think: I do not wear colored pumps enough. Do you?


Blouse ● Britt Sisseck, here

Trousers ● 31 Phillip Limhere

Earrings ● Sophie Bille Brahehere

Bracelet ● Rebekka Notkinhere

Bracelet ● Rebekka Notkinhere

Bracelet ● Cartier, here

Bag ● Max Marahere

Shoes ● Jimmy Choohere

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