Opening of the Parliament 2021

05 October

Every year on the first Tuesday in October, most of the Danish royal family are gathered to attend the opening of the Parliament. This year, Princess Benedikte arrived first to Christiansborg. Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary followed her and last arriving to the opening was Queen Margrethe.

All four of them, were welcomed with smiles and handshakes. Both Princess Benedikte, Crown Princess Mary and Queen Margrethe were each given a bouquet of flowers at the arrival. Speaker of Parliament Pia Kjærsgaard was one of the first to welcome them.

From the royal balcony in the parliament hall, the four of them watched the opening of the Parliament. This day is to mark the coming of a new year for the Parliament after their summer holiday.

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All ladies (and Crown Prince Frederik) were beautifully dressed for the occasion. Princess Benedikte in her burgundy coat, Queen Margrethe in her bright red blazer and matching hat and of course Mary in that black "suit".

Mary's black wrap jacket is a Scanlan & Theodore design. Often, we have had the discussion if it is in fact a blouse or a jacket. The designer describe it as a jacket. That is my opinion as well. It works perfectly as a jacket. She matched it with a pair of wide-legged trousers. Usually, her outfits are a bit more glamorous.  Like in 2019 (here) or in 2014 (here). This look is way more business-like. Something she would normally wear for an event. Maybe I had higher hopes. Nevertheless, Mary look stunning at the opening.

At UFO No More, I learned that her new burgundy skull cap is from Jane Taylor. I see great potential. Do you like it? She styled it with a matching suede Hugo Boss clutch and pointed Prada pumps. Honestly, I never had a crouch on these pumps, but somehow she makes it work every single time.

Then Kate finally managed to indemnity her lovely checkered gloves. They happen to be from Prada. Mary wore these gloves, among others, when she visited Moldova in 2016 (here). Only wearing (and caring the other one) one glove, we got a glimpse of her beloved black south sea pearl ring from Dulong Fine Jewelry. Mary also wore an old pair of Marlene Juhl Jørgensen diamond studded earrings and a golden brooch featuring a centered purple stone.



Hat ● Jane Taylor, here

Jacket ● Scanlan & Theodore, here

Earrings ● Marianne Juhl-Jørgensen, here

Ring  Dulong Fine Jewelry

Gloves ● Prada, here

Clutch ● Hugo Boss, here

Shoes ● Prada, here

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