The opening of CPH Garden

Wednesday, June 21st

Crown Princess Mary attended the opening of the exhibition CPH Garden in Copenhagen. 

It is not the first time Crown Princess Mary has named a new rose with champagne, but it is the first time she attended the opening of CPH Garden a garden exhibition. CPH Garden is organized by Haveselvskabet (The Garden Company). She arrived to Valbyparken in Copenhagen around noon, as guest of honor, where she was warmly welcomed by chairwoman of the Garden Company Bente Siiger Lustü and CEO Charlotte Garby. The two of them later gave the Crown Princess a guided tour around the exhibition to show her some of the wonderful spaces with flowers, workshops and smaller exhibitions with garden accessories. The Crown Princess was in a great spirit all day with a huge smile on her face. Mary also attended the event to name a new rose -the most beautiful pink rose. It was given the name CPH Garden in Bloom. Wonderful name; wonderful rose. When the Crown Princess arrived, she herself was given the most incredible bouquet of flowers, here. Mary was also appointed honorary member of The Garden Company. Congratulations to the Crown Princess with her new membership.

As beautiful as all the flowers surrounding her, Mary was looking incredible in her summer outfit! What could do better than a floral printed skirt for the opening of a garden exhibition? I am so sure you clearly remember the fact that we have seen her wear it once before, when she attended the inauguration of a new school in Aabybro, here. And of course, the skirt is from Andiata. Back then, she also wore the skirt with a white blouse, but different from the one she wore at the exhibition. Still, I'm pretty sure we have seen this one before, here. At that time it was not identified and I haven't found it since. My thoughts still goes to a designer like Zara, but it's just a crazy idea. Embracing the style with a stunning straw hat from Susanne Juul, Hartmann's diamond earrings, a Cartier bracelet as well as one from Dulong Fine Jewelry. To match the earrings she was also wearing a couple of diamond rings from Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen. A combo we have seen several times before. As with the hat, it's just great to see that L.K. Bennett wedges again! I have missed them. Another detail that caught my attention is the belt. Somehow I can't get my eyes of it. Kate managed to ID the belt as Gucci. Usually I don't pay much attention to her belts, but this one I'm in with love with and I can't really explain why.

I am completely overwhelmed by hairstyle and makeup. Think it's lovely we get to see a few of these updos as during the official state visit from Japan last week. Let us see many more, please. Don't know if you noticed her nail polish. A pretty bright colour than we are use to see on her, but so far it has made a great match with all of her outfits. I have a thought about where it's from. Take a look and let me hear what you think and if you would wear it yourself. 

Hat: Susanne Juul Straw Hat No. 37
Skirt: Andiata
Belt: Gucci Braided Leather Skinny Belt
Earrings: Hartmann's
Bracelet: Dulong Fine Jewelry
Bracelet: Cartier Love Bracelet
Rings: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Love Band Ring
Shoes: L.K. Bennett Maddox Round Toe Wedge
Nail polish: Chanel 524 Turban

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