The Brain Awareness Week 2017

Monday, March 13th

Crown Princess Mary attended the opening of The Brain Awareness Week 2017 held each year in week 11. The Brain Awareness Week focuses on the brain, brain diseases and brain research.

Crown Princess Mary arrived, accompanied by her lady-in-waiting, at Copenhagen University to attend the annual opening of The Brain Awareness Week 2017. Mary has attended the event several times before which, by the way, is always held in week 11. The brain awareness week aim to inform about the brain, brain diseases and brain research. It is as patron of Hjernesagen and Hjerneskadeforeningen that Mary attended the opening. Professor Leif Østergaard gave a lecture entitled The Fantastic Brain which obviously caught the Crown Princess' attention who listened with great interest, from first raw, during the lecture. From what I see Mary was in a splendid mood during the opening ceremony of this year's Brain Awareness Week. Hopefully she learned something new, useful in her future work.

Lately we have seen quite many new pieces; both clothing's and accessories. Actually it is kinda nice to see something reused again. Everything about her outfit from the opening of the Brain Awareness Week 2017 on Monday, are all reused -clothes as well as accessories. Each day the weather is getting better and better. We even see the sun now and then. Despite that, Mary had chosen an almost plain black outfit. And really the weather is not ready for pastel colours quite yet. But very soon I hope we will see her in light and bright colours and patterns again. As told before, everything about Mary's outfit are reused. I have never been able to find out where the jacket is from, as the only piece worn at the opening. She embraced the style by wearing her printed Hugo Boss pencil skirt, here, and black pointed SAND Copenhagen (and not L.K. Bennett) pumps as well as the black Carlend Copenhagen clutch. The jacket was belted with a Céline belt. These thin belts are iconic when talking about the Crown Princess' style. As the rest of the outfit, she only wore a pair of white pearl earrings and a matching ring made by Dulong Fine Jewelry. There is really no bad time for white pearl jewellery. Absolutely adore her 70s curly hairstyle. Magnificent look!

Skirt: Hugo Boss
Belt: Céline Embossed Skinny Belt
Earrings: Dulong Fine Jewelry
Ring: Dulong Fine Jewelry
Clutch: Carlend Copenhagen Vanessa Small Clutch, Black
Shoes: SAND Copenhagen

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