The funeral of Prince Richard

Tuesday, March 21st

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary attended the funeral of Prince Richard in Evangelische Stadtkirche Bad Berleburg, Germany. 

Around 9:00 am. local time, Prince Richard's coffin was moved from the castle chapel to the Evangelische Stadtkirche where the official funeral ceremony took place five hours later. 

Here, over 400 people attended the funeral of Prince Richard, who pasted away on March 13th, on Tuesday taking place in Berlebrug, Germany. Royal family members from both Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Spain, the Netherlands etc. had found their way to the Evangelische Stadtkirche Bad Berleburg. All to show Prince Richard one the last honor. From Denmark attended Queen Margrethe, Prince Henrik, the Crown Prince couple, Prince Joachim and Princess Marie. The third sister of Margrethe and Benedike, Queen Anne-Marie and her husband attended the funeral.

A funeral is always a hard thing and I'm sure the family the devastated to have lost a dear and beloved family member. From what I hear Prince Richard was a very beloved man, both in his family, among friends and by the people in public. The royal family shared a gallery from very special moments from Prince Richard's life, from when he and Princess Benedikte married in 1968 till both his daughters got married, here. I am sure both friends and family are there to support each other.

My condolences goes to friends and family who have just lost a friend, father, grandfather and of course a beloved husband. Rest in piece Prince Richard. 

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