State council dinner at Amalienborg

Wednesday, March 23rd

Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary attended the state council dinner at Christian VIIs Palace, Amalienborg, hosted by the Queen. 

Members of the Danish Parliament were invited to a State council dinner taking place at Christian VIIs Palace at Amalienborg. This very special dinner was hosted by Queen Margrethe. I have been waiting with great excitement, just to find this one single picture (as you see below). At least we got one. I had hoped to get a few pictures of the Queen and Crown Prince couple before the dinner was about to take place. That didn't happened. I guess the three royal family members welcomed all the special invited guest when they arrived to Amalieborg, having already 'arrived'. As you know; both Queen Margrethe (and her husband Prince Henrik of course) and the Crown Prince couple lives in each their palace at Amalienborg - Frederik and Mary at Frederik VIIIs Palace and the Queen and Prince Henrik at Christian IXs Palace during the winter. Only a couple of hours before the dinner was about to begin, the royal family shared a photo showing the most beautiful decorated table with chandeliers hanging from the ceiling, here. I wouldn't mind enjoy my evening surrounded by golden wall decorations, chandeliers, silver cutlery and a royal member next to me. I am allowed to dream, right?

The lack of pictures and with this as the only one from the state council dinner; I have a hard time commenting on what the Crown Princess was wearing during the evening. Still, we get a glimpse of her. At your right, sitting almost in the middle of the long table. This is just enough to tell what evening gown Mary wore. Her floor-length gown from Temperley London, a dress we have seen at one previous occasion before last night. It was at a dinner, also hosted at Queen Margrethe, taking place at Christiansborg castle for representatives from Danish art and culture, here. At the dinner in 2016, I clearly remember that many of you was thrilled when she showed up in this gown. So was I and I think it is absolutely amazing there is a chance we get to see her in again one day. Pretty sure her hair is in a updo. The Queen wore a wonderful bright red evening gown featuring what to me looks like a lace top.

Dress: Temperley London Black Textured Long Trellis Gown

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