The International Women's Day 2017

Wednesday, March 8th
Crown Princess Mary attended the celebration of The International Women's Day at the music house VEGA in Copenhagen. 

The International Women's Day 2017 was celebrated by KVINFO at the music house VEGA in Copenhagen with several hundred special invited guest and Crown Princess Mary as guest of honor. Working hard for among others gender equality and improved healthcare and rights for girl's and women around the world, it is obviously she will participate in the event at VEGA. Mary arrived a few minutes past 7:00 pm local time with a huge smile on her face. It is not the first time she attend the celebration of the International Women's Day. In 2016 she gave the opening speech, after which she subsequently attended the show, here. This year CEO of KVINFO Szuanne Moll was the one to give the opening speech because a big show was about to begin. All kind of Danish artists entertained during the evening. Now there is only left to say; a delayed 'Happy international women's day' everybody!

Somehow I clearly remember what Mary wore at last years event at VEGA in Copenhagen; an embellished Prada jacket and black trousers. Nothing something that impressed me more than usual. But somehow I still remember it as if it was yesterday. The outfit she wore at last night's event isn't something I will forget quickly either! Probably one of the most commented outfit's these past few days. Mary wearing black leather trousers. Though it looks absolutely smashing, it's not the first time but the third time. Previously it has only been at private occasions, so I'm amazed to see her wear them on a 'public occasion'. She embraced a chic look by wearing a brand new embroidered jacket from ZARA which unfortunately is out of stock and some kind of sky blue silk blouse. I would really like to see what she is wearing underneath that jacket, but she didn't take it off. Her outfit was accessorized with a pair of rather large diamond earrings, knee boots from Prada and what I think is a new orange bag. I can't tell you who was able to identify it but they did an amazing job! It was found at Jérôme Dreyfuss. Funny thing, I've always hated orange on clothes and thing bags and shoes often looks cheap in orange. But lately I have come to love orange pretty much. Mainly as nail polish. I'm even a bigger fan now when Mary has a orange crossbody bag.

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