Queen Margrethe's 50th anniversary ● official lunch

12th November 2022

It was on occasion of Queen Margrethe's 50th anniversary as Queen of Denmark that the royal family were gathered on Saturday. 

The family arrived at Copenhagen City Hall around noon to attend an official lunch on occasion of the Queen's anniversary. Queen Margrethe arrived with style in a golden coach. She was warmly welcomed. Before the lunch, she showed on the City Hall Balcony and was celebrated by Danes, who wanted to show honour to their Queen.

Both Princess Benedikte, Prince Joachim, Princess Marie and the Crown Prince Couple attended the celebration. Count Ingolf and Countess Susie also joined the family.

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The Crown Prince Couple arriving at the City Hall

From the official dinner at Copenhagen City Hall

What a couple. Frederik and Mary looked splendid together, when they arrived to the City Hall in Copenhagen to attend an official lunch on occasion of Queen Margrethe's 50th anniversary. They both looked so happy.

Talking about "looking good". Mary truly won my heart with her lunch outfit. Seriously. She was like a star on a glory night. That Iris & Ink dress is one hell of a dress. She wears it with such grace. Mary first wore the dress at Prince Christian's confirmation in May 2021 (here). I love the dress as much as the first time she wore it. I really love that she chose her Harris Warf London coat with the printed wonder. They are a wonderful match.

My excitement is not to stop. Especially, when it comes to how she styled this look. The stunning headpiece is a reuse created by Jane Taylor. An exquisite piece. This is also how to describe those shiny diamond earrings, which were purchased on an Bruun Rasmussen auction a few years back.

I am sure you recognize her navy blue leather clutch. It is a beloved one from Quidam. She was wearing another classics: her suede Jimmy Choo pumps. I have nothing bad to say about this outfit. Mary nailed it! 


Coat ● Harris Warf London, here

Dress ● Iris & Inkhere

Headpiece ● Jane Taylorhere

Earrings ● Purchased on Bruun Rasmussen auctionhere

Clutch ● Quidamhere

Shoes ● Jimmy Choohere

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