A goodnight visit at Herlev Hospital

22 November 2022

It happens now and then that Crown Princess Mary makes these more private and unofficial visit at hospitals. Once in awhile, she has visited Rigshospitalet and participated some of their meeting's with Kræftværket (here). A "safe place" for young cancer patients.

On Tuesday evening, she visited Herlev Hospital and joined the hospital clowns Sally and Viola on one of their daily visits. Crown Princess Mary gave a helping hand with reading a goodnight story for the children. From what I see, they all had a wonderful time and how often do we get to see the future Queen of Denmark wearing a red fluffy nose?

Crown Princess Mary read a story for the children hospitalized at Herlev Hospital

This has to be my all-time favourite photo of her!

Identifying her casual evening outfit is truly a struggle. Mary's bright pink sweater is brand new. I do not even know, where to begin my search. Any ideas? I am also very eager to hear what you think of her latest addition to her wardrobe. Is the sweater a go or no-go? I kinda like it. Mary matched it with simple black trousers.

We get a few glimpses of some jewellery. The necklace is still a mystery, but I believe it is her new one first worn in at the Crown Prince Couple's visit in Vietnam (here). I also see a pink braided bracelet matching her sweater, a ring and golden earrings. The photos quality are too blurry for me to tell anything more.

Her glasses are from Gucci.


Glasses ● Gucci, here


From her visit at Herlev Hospital


  1. The pink jumper is lovely. I would like to know the brand but it is hard to search for it. Maybe a Scandinavian designer?

  2. Yes, the jumper ist stylish;)