Day 1. ICPD+25 High Level Commission meeting in Zanzibar

09 November 2022

Crown Princess Mary arrived in Tanzania, Zanzibar on November 9th to attend ICPD+15 High Level Commission's meeting. It is a two days visit.

ICPD+25 are a high level commission working to improve girls and women's rights. Something, Crown Princess Mary also has been committed to for quiet some years now. She has previously participated events with the high level commission.

On her first day, she visited a reproductive health clinic. They work with a 'zero maternity mortality". In other words: the clinic work on a daily basis to prevent and avoid maternal mortality under difficult conditions. Visiting the reproductive health clinic, Crown Princess Mary was given a tour around the facilities. She also met with some of the clinic's staff. They happily shared all the clinic's good results.

Later, the Crown Princess visited one of Zanzibar's old district called Stone Town. CUBE Innovation Hub I located in Stone Town. They had the pleasure of meeting the Danish Crown Princess. CUBE Innovation Hub gives a helping hand to startup and smaller companies across Tanzania and Zanzibar. All to reach their dreams and goals. 

During the visit, Crown Princess Mary met young entrepreneurs, who gladly told her about their visions, hopes and dreams to develop innovative technology and find solutions to help solved challenges for girls and women's sexual and reproductive health and rights. 

Kongehuset ● Frederik et MaryUFO No More

On her first day in Zanzibar, Mary had chosen to wear a really lovely and casual outfit. I am a huge fan of all these casual outfits she has been wearing lately. When visiting the reproductive health clinic and meeting with CUBE Innovation Hub, Mary wore a simple white button-down blouse with a reused darker green skirt from Apiece Apart. An old goodie. What is not to like?

You do not have to look that closely, maybe only twice, to see that she was wearing a brand new initial necklace. Could the small 'F' necklace be her way of bringing her husband to Zanzibar with her? I kinda like the idea. I have not been able to identify its origin yet, but I hope I will. These "letter" necklaces have been quit fashionable lately. Is it time to have our own? She also wore two other golden necklaces. The one is from Dulong Fine Jewelry and the longest one is still a mystery to me.

Mary also embraced the look with three bracelets. All of them are designed and crafted by Dulong Fine Jewelry. A brand that has followed her since the time she became Crown Princess of Denmark.

Keeping her hair in place with a green Kknekki hairtie.

It took me some time before I realized that Mary had chosen to wear her golden leather flats from Anonymous Copenhagen. But she did. A lovely choice.


Skirt ● Apiece Apart, here

Hairtie ● Kknekki, here

Earrings ● Dulong Fine Jewelry (custom-made)

Necklace ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here

Bracelet ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here

Bracelet ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here

Bracelet ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here

Shoes ● Anonymous Copenhagen, here

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