Inauguration of Herlev's new Emergency Room and Woman-Child Center

02nd June

The last week, the weather has been phenomenal. Warm with lots of sunshine. The perfect weather for an inauguration. That is exactly what Crown Princess Mary attended. She visited Herlev to inaugurate the new emergency room and woman-child center at Herlev Hospital. It includes around 300 new rooms for patinas, special designed green areas and a new Emergency Room. The two new wards are connected with a main entrance.

Crown Princess Mary arrived in a splendid mood. She was one big smile. Many were gathered close to the main entrance to get a glimpse of the Crown Princess. She took her time greeting them. Minister of Health, Magnus Heunicke and President of the Regional Council, Sophie Hæstorp Andersen gladly welcomed the her and followed her at a guided tour around the brand new facilities in Herlev.

For the official inauguration, Crown Princess Mary cut the iconic red ribbon with a (very) golden scissors. She was given a clear view of what these new facilities have in advance - several new rooms for patients, a brand new emergency room, among others a trauma department. Many of the rooms have a view of the outdoor green areas that should function recreationally and as sensory areas for patients and their families. 

KongehusetDet Danske Kongehus ● Billed BladetBilled BladetBilled BladetUFO No More ● Honey 

I think we can agree on at least one thing: Mary's outfit at the inauguration of the new emergency room and women-child center in Herlev, was absolutely stunning! She was so radiant with the warm smile and summer chic outfit. Her look was really well put together. That light blue Victoria Beckham blouse and floral printed white midi skirt from Paul & Joe are a magnificent combination. Don't you think? She has worn the blouse on quite a few previous events, but the skirt is now only seen for the second time. Mary first wore the skirt, when she attended the grand opening of Holmegaard Værk in Fensmark back in June 2020 (here).

She embraced the style by wearing lovely blue earrings and a matching ring both from Pomellato. I am impressed how well they match the blouse in color. It is almost the same shade of blue. Mary is a tru fan of golden jewellery. I get it: gold looks beautiful to her fair skin, brown eyes and dark brown hair. At the inauguration, she wore her golden bangle from Cartier and two other bracelets from talented Dulong Fine Jewelry.

Another accessory that complimented her look with true perfection, is the burgundy leather handbag from Hugo Boss. I wish these handbags would be highest fashion again. I simply love the shape and color. I still need to track down the model in the right burgundy color, but it also looks splendid in green leather as the link shows. Her beige python pumps are from Gianvito Rossi. The exact same as those from Prince Christian's confirmation on May 15th (here).

Since she started wearing a face mask, I was wondering where it could be from. Mary is not wearing the one-time-face-masks, but instead she wears reusable masks. Finally, I was able to find them at Kartó.


Blouse ● Victoria Beckham, here

Skirt ● Paul & Joe, here

Face mask  Kartó, here

Earrings  Pomellato

Bracelet ● Cartier, here

Bracelet ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here

Bracelet ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here

Ring ● Pomellato, here

Bag ● Hugo Boss, here

Shoes ● Gianvito Rossi, here


  1. Great to see the CPss again. I like her commitment to these important causes. Very lovely summer outfit.

    1. It is indeed lovely to see the Crown Princess on duty again - not just from behind her screen :)