Free of Bullying Children's Race 2021

24 June

Free of Bullying is one of the Mary Foundation's projects fighting to combat and prevent bullying among smaller and young children. From the beginning, it has been a huge success and it still it. A part of the Free of Bullying project is the annual Children's Race, which is a collaboration between the Mary Foundation and Save the Children Denmark.

When participating the race, children run for one kilometer accompanied by a small purple teddy bear - the Mary Foundations' iconic purple teddy bear. At the finish line, the children hand over the teddy to the fullsize teddy bear. In return, they are given a t-shirt and a medal.

The race takes place every year in different Danish cities. This year, children can participate the race in Rønde, Esbjerg, Copenhagen and Odense.

On the occasion of the race, Crown Princess Mary shared a few words in a new video from the Mary Foundation with the message that she hope for many participants this year. The video was likely recorded in April 2021 (here).

Mary was perfectly dressed in a black pair trousers and a matching sports blouse. She was also wearing the Free of Bullying t-shirt. A blue shirt with purple teddy bear printed on. We also get a glimpse of her white sneakers from NIKE. Take a look at my post from when the video was recorded to see more details about her outfit (here).


Shoes ● NIKE, here


  1. Great Foundation, important cause. Sadly in the 21st Century still Bullying others is going on, on a daily basis. I hope CPss Mary's Foundation can break the circle. It would be wonderful if someone could stop it if not CPss Mary's Foundation then someone else.

    1. Bad habits and a way of doing things are always difficult to change - bullying being one of them. Bullying should never be excepted both amongst children, young people or grownups. Since the Mary Foundation started working with the issues, they have had great success with their initiatives. One step at a time, I strongly believe that we can change our behavior :)

  2. A while back I seen boys bullying a girl because she was a bit overweight. I had a bad day to begin with so I told them to stop it. They told me off in the worst way. They were about the ages of 13-15. I told them to look in the mirror and be frank with them self's if they like what they see. I ask them when they are parents later, if it is OK with them if their son's or daughter's get bullied, no answer. I also told them, this will stay with this girl for the rest of her life. At a Class reunion they may get ask if they are still Bullies, or if they learned from this, I rather believe in green men from Mars.

    1. Taboos are difficult to change, but by talken about it (like the Crown Princess and the Mary Foundation does) and with that making people aware bullying still happening to so many every single day.

      I really like how you handled the situation. You obviously made it clear to these boys that it has major consequences for the girl and themselves. Choose the behaviour, choose the consequences.