Day 2. Nairobi Summit on ICPD25: Accelerating the Promise

13 November

Crown Princess Mary was participating Nairobi Summit on ICPD25: Accelerating the Promise in Nairobi, Kenya on November 12th. The following day she was also attending several panel debates and met with a very special lady.

First thing in the morning she attended "Investing in Education to Invest in A Better Future" - a panel debate hosted by the International Center for Research on Women (ICRW) about gender and education. The debate it took place at Hotel Villa Rosa Kempinski Nairobi. A few hours later the Crown Princess attended another panel debate called "Women Leaders High Level Dialogue". A debate with participation of female leaders.

I also talked about her meeting with a very special lady. That lady was no other than Margaret Kenyatta, Kenya's First Lady. She had also attended the debate "Women Leaders High Level Dialogue" prior to meeting the Danish Crown Princess. Finally the Crown Princess participated the session "Fulfilling the Cairo Promise in a Fragile World". The Royal Court writes that the session was all about the fulfillment of the Cairo Action Plan, the maintenance of women's sexual and reproductive health and rights, and the fight against gender-based violence.

Attending the second day of Nairobi Summit Mary was dressed in her reused Massimo Dutti linen suit. A classy suit that works with perfection every single time she wears it. This time she had chosen to styled her beige suit with her white Hugo Boss button-down blouse. I would like to have seen just a little more colors, but Mary still looks beautiful in a more neutral color palette. A suit is indeed a classic piece of clothes, but can also be a symbol of how far women have come. About 60-70 years ago it was more or less impossible for women to wear a suit. That is not the thing anymore.

White pearl jewellery were way more normal and considered for women to wear back in the old days. Now Mary shows how they have not gone out of style. She both wore white pearl earrings and a matching bracelet created by Dulong Fine Jewelry. The stylish leather handbag is her beloved pieces from Prada and the incredible python pumps are from Gianvito Rossi.

She changed her hairstyle during the day from a simple blow-out to another simple ponytail. I like the last one best. It makes her a bit more polished.

Suit ● Massimo Dutti, here
Blouse ● BOSS, Hugo Boss, here
Earrings ● Dulong Fine Jewelry
Bracelet ● Dulong Fine Jewelry, here
Bag ● Prada, here
Shoes ● Gianvito Rossi, here


  1. The CP looked great. Loved the pantsuit, smart and chic. Love the pearls she wears timeless elegance. The pearl bracelet I love and the same with the drop pearl earrings.

    1. I hear that I am not the only one who likes when she is wearing that suit and those white pearl jewellery ;)