Royal hunt in Grib Skov

20th November

The royal hunt and following dinner at Fredenborg Castle has been a tradition for many years. This year Crown Prince Frederik hosted the event along with his mother, Queen Margrethe. Also Crown Princess Mary was attending in the afternoon when all animals where showed.

She and her husband, including her mother-in-law, were in a splendid mood. They greeted all who had participated the hunt. Everybody were talking and having a good time in the cold weather outside Fredensborg Castle.

Later in the evening Queen Margrethe hosted a banquet on occasion of the annual royal hunt in Grib Skov. According to the royal court, it has become a tradition to give a toast to all who had participated the hunt at the following banquet.

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It was all dark and cold on that November night when Queen Margrethe, her son Crown Prince Frederik and daughter-in-law Crown Princess Mary were gathered at Fredensborg Castle to celebrate the royal hunt in Grib Skov. Not much has been published or written about the event, which makes it a bit more difficult to identify what Mary was wearing.

Nevertheless. She had chosen to wear a pallet of darker colors. It looks like she was wearing an old dark brown suit from Strenesse. Mary was first spotted wearing this suit in 2005, but a year later was the first time at an official event - an officiel visit to Schleswig-Holstein in Germany, here. What actually looks like a blouse, is part of the jacket. The long black coat looks familiar, but at the moment I can't tell if or when we have seen it before. Can you help me?

Mary embraced the chic winter outfit with beautiful diamond earrings from Sophie Bille Brahe. She has been really wearing these earrings a lot since the first time we saw them a couple of months back. The light brown leather gloves are also a reuse. I am not quite sure if the boots are new, but I think they are. A really lovely outfit for a cold evening outside. What is your style when it is getting colder and warmer clothes are needed?

Suit ● Strenesse, here
Earrings ● Sophie Bille Brahe, here

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