The annual art competition

18th November

As patron of both the National Association for Mental Health (SIND) and the Psychiatry Fund Crown Princess Mary attended a very special event taking place at Copenhagen City Hall. More specifically, she attended the annual art competition arranged by Copenhagen Municipality.

The competition is for all employees working in the area of social psychiatry and people with a mental disorders and their relatives. With an event like this Copenhagen Municipality aim to give both citizens and their relatives the opportunity to become part of a community and of course make it a good experience for all participants.

Crown Princess Mary arrived in a great spirit. With a big smile on her face she took plenty of time listening, commenting, speaking and watching. She spoke with the participants and they gladly told her about their paintings and how it had being part of the competition. It was a wonderful sight to see when the participants and Crown Princess Mary met. All lit up at the sight of her and vice versa.

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Attending the competition at Copenhagen City Hall Mary was dressed in a warm and cozy outfits. Personally I get why she was wearing a knitted sweater and long trousers. The weather is getting colder every day. I learned that Elena has been able to identify Mary's new knitted sweater as a Victoria Beckham design, here. If she is going to wear this piece as much as her other Victoria Beckham blouse then this is differently a sweater we will see again - more than one time. She embraced the style by wearing a brand new sleeveless blouse as well. It features an embellished collar and a blueish floral print. Kate managed to find her new blouse at Miu Miu. Great finds both of you.

She had chosen to accessorized her outfit with just a few things. To me it looks like she was wearing her old pink argyle and diamond studs from Hartmann's. When she first started wearing these stunning earrings, she wore them very often. But until now, we haven't seen them that much. I would really like to have them as part of my own jewellery collection - or something similar, but somehow I am not good with the design. The floor-length trousers almost covered the black pointed ankle boots from Gianvito Rossi.

Blouse ● Miu Miu, here
Sweater ● Victoria Beckham, here
Earrings ● Hartmann's, here
Shoes ● Gianvito Rossi, here

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  1. CP Mary looks terrific. What a wonderful event. Lovely to see her interacting with participants. Her top is beautiful, love the collar, embellishments are stunning. Jeweller, earrings are beautiful.