DR Girls Choir's Christmas concert

Sunday, December 16th

It was a proud patron the Crown Princess arrived to DR Koncerthuset in Copenhagen to attend DR Girls Choir's Christmas concert. What a wonderful event for her to attend before Christmas Eve next week. Somehow I thought she would bring her family as she did at the Danish Music Conservatory's Children's Choirs Christmas concert on December 8th, here. But that was not the case. Nevertheless it seems like Crown Princess Mary really enjoyed the afternoon with a lot of wonderful music.

This year was a bit more special for the choir, because they celebrate its 80th anniversary. On this occasion a following anniversary reception took place with Crown Princess Mary as guest of honor. All I see, is a sincere and proud Crown Princess.

As mentioned the Crown Princess is new patron of the DR Girls Choir and on that occasion new pictures have been taken, here. You find a short video from the photoshoot, here. According to the Facebook page of DR Gils Choir, the pictures will be available last week.

What a wonderful look. Love everything about it. I barely know how to describe how I feel. Adore the combination of colours, silhouettes and fabrics. Simple and elegant.

At the arrival she wore her wool coat from JOSEPH over her shoulders. A great way to wear a coat - something like a cape. Maybe a bit unpractical, but fashion sometimes has to be. Mary embraced the style by wearing a brand new white blouse from Jesper Høvring's "Great Greenland" collection and a textured maxi midi skirt. I still do not know anything about the skirt. I need a more pictures than those I have already. Do you know anything? I would really like to find it.

Even the accessories Mary wore impresses me - white pearl earrings and a matching ring. Both pieces are from Dulong Fine Jewelry. The blue clutch is from Quidam. I am sure to remember the bright red embellished pumps. She first wore them back when the couple presented The Crown Prince Couple's Prizes in 2017, here. At the time she matched the pumps with a light blue dress made by Cecilie Bahnsen. This time it works way better in my opinion. Seems like the pumps comes to its hight with the white blouse and full skirt. Yes I can not hide my excitement.

Blouse ● Jesper Høvring x Great Greenland
Earrings  Dulong Fine Jewelry
Ring  Dulong Fine Jewelry
Clutch  Quidam
Shoes  Rupert Sanderson Satin Pointed-Toe Pumps in Red

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