Greetings from the Crown Prince family

Friday, December 21st

Maybe the Crown Prince couple has started a new tradition. Last year a short video was also published of the couple and all four children decorated their Christmas tree. This year the family baked cookies. A wonderful short video of the family on occasion of Christmas. Reminds me a lot of what Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel have been doing with their children - like in 2013, here. Maybe Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary were inspired by the swedish couple?

Nevertheless, it is a also a great opportunity for me to say "Merry Christmas". I wish you a beautiful day and evening with friends and family. Enjoy, have fun and make lots of new memories.


  1. Love the video they are the cutest kids. Why do they have to be inspired by anyone, so if next year the Swedes decorate a tree will they be inspired by what the Danes did last year?

    1. It is wonderful to get a little something from the family on occasion of Christmas. I can't tell whether the Crown Prince couple was inspired by the Swedes - only that this is the first time the couple has published a video which is similar to the one Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel posted a couple of years ago :)