Inauguration of Slagelse Hospital

Tuesday, April 17th

On a sunny Tuesday the Crown Princess arrived to Slagelse, where she was warmly welcomed with smiles, flags, greetings and flowers. The reason for her visit was to inaugurate the newly build emergency hospital in Slagelse. A new extension to the hospital was also inaugurated during her visit. The Crown Princess was in a splendid mood when she was met by the public and welcomed by Regional Council Chairman Heino Knudsen and Hospital Director Vagn Bach. As part of the official inauguration ceremony she cut a red ribbon. Afterwards, the Crown Princess was given a guided tour around the new facilities to see for herself, what she had just inaugurated. I can't help myself from getting in a great mood just looking at her smile and how happy she made everyone with her presence.

A inauguration is always a big thing, which takes a perfect outfit to complete. I don't know about you, but I have completely fallen in love with this outfit. From head to toe. What is not to love? She embraced a feminine style by wearing a reused Elise Gug (collection: 2013) blouse. The blouse has been worn at countless other occasions, here, here & here. Mary then matched the blouse with a brand new powder pink skirt. I have not been able to identify the skirt yet. Do you have any ideas? I tried everything, but nothing seems to get my closer to find the one. As accessories Mary had chosen to reuse one of her beautiful Susanne Juul hats. Maybe you recall her wearing it when visiting Poland in 2015, here. Such a magnificent design. Wish we wore hats mor often today. Then I would wear something like this every day. She also wore stunning jewellery from both Hartmann's, Orit Elhanati, Dulong Fine Jewelry (collection: SS18 limited edition) and Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen. I am sure you can identify all of them without my help. Last but not least, Mary paired the outfit with python pumps from Gianvito Rossi. Simply a wonderful mix of colours, textures and silhouettes. I tend to say this is a dreamy outfit, which makes me desire spring even more.

Blouse  Elise Gug White Silk Blouse
Hat  Susanne Juul
Earrings  Hartmann's
Necklace  Orit Elhanati The Abyss Necklace
Bracelet  Dulong Fine Jewelry Piccolo Bracelet
Rings  Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Love Bands
Shoes  Gianvito Rossi 105 Snakeskin Pumps


  1. The skirt is from Birger & Mikkelsen. I read this information on Newmyroyals site. I hope that it will help you. Forgive me my english ! ...

    1. Dont worry. Your English is just fine ;)

      Thanks for sharing the information about the skirt with me. I have to say that I disagree with that identification. They look similar at some point, but several details does not match:

      1/ the colour is all wrong
      2/ the pleating is not the same
      3/ the model from DAY comes with two buttons at the back (I know for sure, because I have it myself) and this new one does not.

      Her skirt can still be from DAY, but I will argue that it is not her creamy white one seen before :)